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More Thoughts On The Rolling Stone UVA Article: There’s Still A Victim

December 8, 2014



A few weeks ago when I was listening to Sabrina Erdely’s interview with Brian Lehrer on the Rolling Stone article which, fast forward because we all know what happens, there was one caller who was outraged about the possibility of false accusations and was adamant about discussing this element. That the menz have a voice [...]

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Million Little Gang Rapes

December 8, 2014


Rolling Stone

      Remember when James Frey, who wrote Million Little Pieces, about his addiction and all the horrifying details, remember when Oprah called him out? I do. I loved that book, I believed every last sentence. When he was exposed as a big old yarn-spinner, I felt a little sorry for him. After all, confabulation [...]

What I Learned About Marriage From Tori And Dean

November 5, 2014



1. “Right now Dean is a priority, it’s what Dean needs. I’m not taking care of myself.” This is a constant in Tori’s life. That she’s not taking care of herself.  But Tori’s definition of taking care of herself means talking about taking care of herself, and talking to everyone else about taking care of herself.  If you talk [...]

The Misogynist Terrorism Of Anita Sarkeesian

October 16, 2014



The other day my sister-in-law texted me “people online are really mean.” She was referring to this article I wrote for Salon (I’m writing daily for them for the next two weeks–please check out my work over there!) “Oh, I stopped reading comments long ago,” I told her. “But Hayley, they found a picture of [...]

Gwyneth Has Some More Advice For You

October 3, 2014


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow arrives at the 2012 Vanity Fair Oscar party in West Hollywood

You guys know how I love Gwyneth Paltrow. This time she’s teaching us about auras and instinct. The Vox tries to do a silly let’s poke fun of Gwyneth break down, but this time our girl kind of has some good advice. She writes in her newest Goop newsletter: “We’ve all had the experience of [...]

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Adrian Petersen Abuses Second Kid–NFL Could Care Less

September 16, 2014


blg 31 vikings giants

The NFL doesn’t care about women–we already know this. But the NFL seemed to care about children. Especially male children. Apparently it’s okay to hit a child with a switch, says the NFL in response to Adrian Petersen’s child abuse allegations. That somehow hitting a four-year-old child with a stick–a tree branch stripped of leaves–is [...]

What If His Words Had Knocked Her Out?

September 10, 2014



          As a Dateline fan (I’ve shared my horrible character flaw with this site before) I was reminded not all violence against women leads to torture in a basement or death in the woods or rape in a basement by a football team. Actually, violence against women can be from the men [...]

Abortion Protesters Are Always Men, A Photo Essay

September 5, 2014



On Twitter today, journalist Irin Carmon shared a photo of a reopening of an abortion clinic in McAllen, Texas. Protesters who showed up appeared to be mostly men. I’m sensing a trend. I give to you the faces of abortion protesters. These two are in training. Images: The Daily Beast, Irin Carmon Twitter, Left in [...]