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What We Say Now When We’re Talking About Johnny Depp

January 13, 2015


Johnny Depp Marilyn Manson

I hate myself for even using this photo. But I want to come to terms with who Johnny Depp is. And the fantasy world of the men I’d like to sleep with– the men I admire–no longer includes Johnny Depp. Truth is, it hasn’t in a while since he and Vanessa Paradis broke up and [...]

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Valerie Cherish, Lisa Rinna and the Humiliating Task of Staying Relevant

January 6, 2015

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Lisa Rinna on The Real Housewives

  A few weeks ago, Lisa Rinna said  a 2012 commercial she appeared in for Depends–yes, the adult diaper–was the highest paid gig she ever had. “I got paid more money to do that than I got paid to do anything in my whole life. I was just winking to the bank. To stay relevant [...]


when i wrote

December 18, 2014


my writing chair

  Pick a lane already. Stop putting your blinker on and not making a move. I have good intentions. Every week I plan to post on our blog, start a short story and organize the three hundred pages of memoir I’ve written. Every week has been a year. Hayley and I started this blog after [...]

Writing Insecurities: Pick A Lane

December 17, 2014

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lisa simpson bell jar

When people hear that I’m a writer, they ask me, “Oh, what do you write about?” And I really want to have a clear answer. But sometimes I feel like my writing is all over the place. I write about feminism. I write about parenting. I write about social injustice. I write about pop culture. [...]

True Tori: We’re All Enablers

December 10, 2014


tori and dean holiday card

When people are in a relationship with an alcoholic, sometimes the alcoholic gets better. Which is great. So the alcoholic (Dean) gets better and then the partner (Tori) falls apart. I remember being in Al-Anon years ago hearing one of the tenants about how you shouldn’t always try to be right with your recovering alcoholic. Tori [...]

More Thoughts On The Rolling Stone UVA Article: There’s Still A Victim

December 8, 2014

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A few weeks ago when I was listening to Sabrina Erdely’s interview with Brian Lehrer on the Rolling Stone article which, fast forward because we all know what happens, there was one caller who was outraged about the possibility of false accusations and was adamant about discussing this element. That the menz have a voice [...]

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Million Little Gang Rapes

December 8, 2014


Rolling Stone

      Remember when James Frey, who wrote Million Little Pieces, about his addiction and all the horrifying details, remember when Oprah called him out? I do. I loved that book, I believed every last sentence. When he was exposed as a big old yarn-spinner, I felt a little sorry for him. After all, confabulation [...]

What I Learned About Marriage From Tori And Dean

November 5, 2014

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1. “Right now Dean is a priority, it’s what Dean needs. I’m not taking care of myself.” This is a constant in Tori’s life. That she’s not taking care of herself.  But Tori’s definition of taking care of herself means talking about taking care of herself, and talking to everyone else about taking care of herself.  If you talk [...]