Bob Forrest–a.k.a., Johnny Depp Stole My Look–Drug Addict Turned Savior

Posted on September 2, 2011 by


bob forrest

You know my love for Tatum O’Neal. That I watch reality TV. (Hello Camille Grammer, I’m talking to you.) And maybe you know my love for a strong, manly pair of glasses. For those of you who haven’t sunk to the bottom of the barrel in this fully entertaining reality show television world of ours, please allow me to introduce you to who I THINK is the most honest, frank, intelligent, kind, caring, real person on reality tv. (And no, I’m not talking about Andy Cohen.) I’m talking about Bob Forrest addiction specialist.

When Andy and I were watching Bob a few months ago, I wondered about his look. The glasses. The weird association that I made that Bob Forrest might very well be the oddball step brother of Johnny Depp because of that look-a-like thing he has going on. And then, as I listened to Bob, and heard the soulful, theraputic, empathetic reasoning that came from him, I wondered about the whole Johnny Depp thing. “You know what, Andy,” I said. “Maybe it was the other way around. Maybe Johnny stole Bob’s look.”

“It’s entirely possible,” Andy said. “You know Bob was in Thelonius Monster. He’s friends with the Chili Peppers.”

Okay, so that’s something I didn’t know. Below is a trailer for Bob and the Monster, a documentary about Bob the man and his long struggle with heroin.

First of all, as I’ve stated before in my Tatum post, there’s nothing better to me than an addict who is able to get better. I’ve known my share of alcoholics and I’ve known my share of fucked up musicians. There have been people in my life that I’ve loved and lost to alcohol addiction.

Look around 00:53 in the trailer. Is that River Phoenix in the red shirt right there playing guitar while Bob is asking the audience “Anyone got some heroin?” It is. I know it is. I know that hair and that profile because I, like every other girl in America, loved River Phoenix. I loved him more and more… and the more fucked up he got. My Own Private Idaho showed that River couldn’t be caged as an actor. Not even a brilliant actor. River transcended to the other side and we never ever got him back.

Bob Forrest, apparently, was on that side too. He went dark into the place of hell of addiction and came back to make sense of sick, sick addicts like Tom Sizemore, Leif Garrett and Steven Adler. How does a person make sense of drug addled people who are willing to put themselves and their process on television? I’m not sure — but Bob nails the process. Everything that comes from his mouth makes sense. He takes people out of a hole with his hand and pulls them into a realistic light. I know. This is irony for reality television. There is NO realistic light in reality television. There is only a harsh glare of egomania at its finest. This is why I’m drawn to Bob. Others too, is my guess.

I’ve never had a problem with alcohol. Never had a problem with drugs. Never been in a situation like David Sheff (thank God) who wrote Beautiful Boy about his struggle to help his meth-addicted son, Nic. (It’s an amazing story.)

But when I see Bob, I’m compelled to say… Pull me out Bob. Help me understand.