How Are Women Supposed to Act? Weekend Roundup

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Jennifer Garner smiling pregnant

(Image: Fame)

Discussions on the internet about all sorts of ways how girls and women behave. My little sociological pickings about the ladies. Here’s the roundup.

Vixen, temptress, slut. Justine Musk wants to know what story are you telling.

Women like to be all sexy-like. Don’t assume she’s dressing for you. Over at Feministe.

It’s nice to see preggers ladies smile like Jennifer Garner via Lainey Gossip. FYI, this wasn’t my pregnant experience (I puked a lot).

Please don’t let this be how boys treat girls. Racialicious discusses Amber Cole.

Husband and wife getting kinky in bed by Maggie May.

Hot Daddy Johnny Depp talking about his daughter’s major crush on The Beibs. 

I actually saw Paz on the street in NYC one day and thought she was beautiful. You decide about her nature in this clip from Jezebel.

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