Feminist Parenting: We’ve Got You Covered

Posted on November 1, 2011 by


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Bravo for New York Magazine, The Rebirth of the Feminist Manifesto finding the feminist movement alive and well in the bloggie world. And, an extra loud BRAVO for The Mamafesto piece that asked, What About the Rest of Us?  Over at Mamafesto, they reminded us that feminist parenting is alive and well too.  In fact, we are raising the feminists of tomorrow.

We are writing about children being raised inside a mainstream culture that is still uncomfortable with the notion of feminists. But, the results of the feminist movement have created a platform for women and men to practice what are no longer new notions of equality and that extends to parenting. In fact, the backlash against feminism has taken many forms. But, the most concrete was an unwillingness to identify oneself as a feminist. That unwillingness in itself provoked a new batch of women to identify themselves as feminists.

The issues tackled by parents who themselves, were raised with feminist ideals, are complex. We at Femamom write to those ideals and the questions they raise in nearly every piece we write. Hayley has written about how we discuss the word ‘slut’ with our daughters, read more on the topic here. I’ve tackled the word bitch. And Hayley’s piece of being a feminist with a daughter who loves her inner princess? Well, that kinda says it all.

We, as in the collective feminist parent bloggers and writers, are out here.

We are writing about being feminists. We are having the more complex conversations and nuanced conversations that any movement evloves into. We have history behind us: We have the right to vote, the right to an education and the right to manage our reproductive health. These three seemingly simple rights were fought for. And there are many women in the world living without them.


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