Absent Husbands, Mom Friends & 10-Year-Old Models: Your Favorite Posts of 2011

Posted on December 30, 2011 by


10 year old in Vogue

Thylane Blondeau's Vogue spread was one of the most talked about issues on our blog in 2011.

In July 2011, we began our discussion here at Femamom. Yes, only 6 months ago! We opened up the conversation with you (along with some amazing contributing writers) and found the most enlightening discussions in return. (We also found a few assholes, but only a few! Truly.) We hope that some of our topics engaged you in a new way of thinking, or maybe even inspired you to think more about one of our topics–parenting, marriage, girl culture and friendships. Your comments have certainly changed us. We wouldn’t be having these conversations without you–so we thank you for visiting us and being part of it.

We thought we’d end the year by recapping your favorite posts of 2011:


1. Stop Saving the World and Load the Dishwasher

In this post, guest writer and poet, Nicole Cooley wrote about her frustration with her husband, an accomplished anthropologist who can’t spend enough time at home to unload the damn dishwasher because he’s… saving the world.

2. A 10-Year-Old Model in Vogue and The Over-Sexualization of Girls

This post continues to get passed around Facebook because it sparks the conversation about what is appropriate messaging from the media about what young girls should look like. We were all incensed by the young 10-year-old model Thylane and you let us know exactly how you felt.

3. Why Is Making Friends With Other Moms So Hard?

Though this story didn’t pick up as much commentary on Femamom, it went WILD on Huffington Post where 620 people commented on how tough it is to make mom friends. I received emails from people from all over thanking me for talking about this taboo subject.

4. Ask Miri: I Lied To My Husband About My Promiscuous Past

Miri answered this woman’s question: “Should I tell my husband about my sexual past?” Surprising us all, the woman’s husband commented with an honest response.

5. Shhhhh…What Women Don’t Share in Friendship: My Unofficial Poll

Miri compiled a list from what we don’t talk about with her own unofficial poll. Here’s what she came up with: crushes, money, and the best of all, our shattered dreams about getting on Oprah.