Princess With a “Larger” Body Type

Posted on January 18, 2012 by


Make her look how a real girl should? Hmmm.
In a slight gain in the war against sending out unrealistic body type messages to young girls, the site Doll Divine offers a program called Princess Makers that allows the user to choose two body types: uber skinny and slightly more curvaceous (yet, still skinny and unrealistically hourglass).

Says Feminist Disney in a review about Princess Makers:
They did make her thighs and midsection a little larger but she still has a tiny waist and the socially ideal hourglass shape (and most of the other parts of her body stayed the same size either way).   Which I mean, is fine, but if I’m going to give them “credit” for better representation of all body types, that’s not really enough options.   And the fact that the “skinny” princess option is smaller than humanly possible (head larger than waist) makes the basically “average” sized girl (head the same size as her waist- dubiously average) look “big” by comparison, I don’t think that is always great for self-esteem or self-image perception.

I gave my princess the thicker-thigh option, a black gown, lacy black sleeves, a black tiara… and pow, she looked like a goth goddess. Morticia Addams all the way. Another added plus, there were many skin tones to choose from. My first creation looked Middle Eastern and my second was pale-skinned with blue hair.

Because this site is totally clickable, I was also able dress up a “rebel girl.” My rebel had a flower in her hair, cargos and converse. Cute, right? The rebel girl wasn’t blessed with the same princess with body type options. My girl had the tiniest waist ever, and though she looked tough and more like I looked wish I looked like in high school, there is no girl except maybe J. Lo and one other woman I know in real life who has a waist and proportionate ass like that.

I’d like to give this site props for offering at least two body types with the princess dress up, but please people, could someone create a doll for girls that is realistic, non offensive and doesn’t make girls doubt or question their appearance? Infusion of these kinds of role models are inevitable–and as a mother, I understand that part of the lesson I’m teaching both my boy and girl is that real women don’t look like that.

Are there any other programs out there that offer a more realistic and attainable body type?