Resolution Update: Can We Quit Yet?

Posted on February 1, 2012 by


I can't believe I have to go running


Things I’ve learned while battling to keep the resolve in resolution:

1. Trail running involves lightly spraining your ankle over and over during a three mile run (real trail runners go for twenty and thirty miles). I  run with a group and I don’t want to slow them down. So, I feel as though I’m being suffocated for the entire three miles.

2. Most of my favorite foods exceed the number of carbohydrates for one meal: 45 grams. A couple Fig Newtons blow the roof off the carb house of cards.

3. When I feel bored, tired, angry, lonely, sad, anxious or unsure what to do next, I snack. In other words, food is always the answer.

4. We live in a world of carbohydrate saturation. Every little yummy morsel in every single pastry case, in every single coffee shop is teeming with carbs. I have taken to carrying almonds in my pockets, loose like change. They keep my teeth busy while I talk my mind of the scone ledge.

5. I have eating friends and non-eating friends. The non-eaters dress up for work and have to know where their waists are. My eating friends live looser professional lives: yoga pants and sweatshirts, paired with sweeping artistic scarfs (stretchy fabrics hide dozens of cookies).

Next time: The importance of wearing concealer when exercising beneath fluorescent lights and how heart monitors can cause panic attacks.

(Image: GoolgleImages)