Thinspiration: Kate Upton & The Hunger Blogs

Posted on February 17, 2012 by


"What can I say? I'm relatable."


Kate Upton, the model above, created herself using social media. She was able to package and market herself from the comfort of her home. Teenagers have the tools to advertise. She put up a sign and the property sold. She’s beautiful, she’s young (nineteen), she’s more naked than not… the airbrushed girl above, is a show-stopper on our  beauty ideal continuum (btw, the buzz on Kate Upton is that she’s too fat ?!). She is still a teenager — how do we adults reconcile  sexualization of teenagers with our purported devotion to the safety of our children?

 Maybe we start by learning how teenagers are coping with pressures to be bikini-ready. Carolyn Gregoire, turned over a few rocks and found our girls are working to make less of themselves. Read about how they’re going about losing weight here: Hunger Blogs: The Secret World of Teenage “Thinspiration.”

There is no population better suited to do the bidding/ brainwashing of the beauty industry than the very girls the industry targets. Read here about girls writing about and teaching each other how to ignore hunger, lose weight and fit into smaller and smaller jeans.

What if they used all their “Thinspiration” energy for something else? Something that encouraged them to look beyond the mirror


(Image: GoogleImages)