The Four Year Itch: Our Marriage to Obama

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please don’t call me sweetie

My dearest Barack:

If you’d just go to couple’s therapy with me, I think we could work this out. But in case you won’t, busy running for president and all, I’ll just outline some of the bigger points we need to address:

A. I don’t like being called sweetie in front of millions of people. I can’t say why for sure, but it felt weird and your expression was more toothache than tender. And, I didn’t like Mittens knowing it was our anniversary, it’s like we have no privacy.

B.  I’m just not feeling the love. I know you’re busy, but the contrast to how we were four years ago with how we are now… if we go on like this, well, divorce is imminent. You are a good man. A wonderful man, but you are not a fighter and sometimes we need to fight for what we believe. Do you even believe in us anymore?

C. Barack, I was in love with you. So in love that I cried for joy when you were elected and parted political ways with my mother over Hillary. All for the lust that fuels new love and then we got married — you, me and the majority of the rest of the country. Then you had to fix my credit problems. Nothing like money to sour a relationship. Those wars that you promised we’d get out of, not so easy it turned out… I accused you of pillow talk, sweet talking my pants right off. But, you know, I forgave you because relationships have to weather tough times.

D. And another thing, when you ferreted Bin Laden out, I turned away. Not because he wasn’t a bad guy, but I didn’t like the killing and bragging.

E. Four years ago, you called, you emailed, you invited me to dinners and all the stars were with you. The youth, the beautiful youth smiled at your name. You’ve invited me to dinner this time too…it was just so new last time. And not for nothing, Beyonce acting like we were friends when she wrote, “Friend, I know I don’t usually email you… that was disingenuous don’t you think? And speaking of disingenuous, why’d you have to hug and hold Mittens for so long?

F. Also, I’d like more us time. More time to cuddle. I’m sick of compromising. But the drone attacks in Pakistan keep you away, even if just in your mind. You haven’t walked Bo once in the past year and Bill and Hillary are eclipsing us at the American-Royalty game. I really thought, in the words of Adele, we could’a had it all. But nobody does, right? I guess some people, the 1% elite like Romney but other than them…

 G. Anyway, relationships are tough. I don’t think you’re the most amazing man I ever dated anymore. I  hate when that happens; when the fantasy recedes and reality remains. But, we’re still sharing the house and the staff and the kids and Mittens is the only guy offering  himself up to me and the rest of the electorate. He’s no you. He’s a monogrammed shirt guy, a Brooks Brother’s clone,  he’s the crystal wine glass on the White House Christmas dinner table. He’s really stuffy, too stuffy for me, so I’m gonna stay, but I can’t promise to ever make love to you again.



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