The Jon Snow & Ygritte Sex Scene Post

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Jon Snow and Ygritte

I’ve spent the past two days googling Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, who play Jon Snow and Ygritte on Game of Thrones. (No, I have not told my husband this.) Call their sex scene Harlequin Romance, goofy for the “You no nothing, Jon Snow-oh-OH!” but the chemistry between the two actors is undeniable.

If you’re a gossip hoarder like me, you will have noticed this photo below of Kit and Rose holding hands in a cafe–and then it all makes sense as to why this sex scene which has been building for some time, was such a hit for so many of us. Sure you can say that it’s symbolic–Jon Snow and Ygritte are two people who actually like each other on the show. Their relationship grew out of a violent capture. She eggs him on sexually and chides him for being a virgin. Their relationship is an oasis in a show that embraces the gruesome side of humanity. Rape, beheading, men named The Hound burned by fire as a child, princesses with scales locked in a dungeon. Every episode is a suicide watch.

But when you look at this photo, you realize that maybe the other reason we’re all so drawn towards them is because the actors themselves are actually falling in love on the show. Their sexual chemistry is hawt–it’s real. And I don’t know what kind of black heart you have, but I’m drawn to stories about true love. And that kind of adorableness makes a cave that one would think be populated by all sorts of freezing cold Wildlings, but isn’t, seem plausible.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington. Awwwh.

Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington. Awwwh.

Here’s my conversation with my husband during the hottest sex scene in Game of Thrones last night where we finally get to see Jon Snow deliver the lord’s kiss. I’d also like to say that The Hairpin should revise their Game Of Thrones Men By Hotness list because ranking Jon snow at #17 just makes no sense, people.

ME: Oh, lord, Ygritte is taking him into the cave.

ANDY: Yep.

ME: How come no one else knows about this cave?

ANDY: Good question.

ME: Is this like the make out cave?

ANDY: Yes, it’s the make out cave.

ME: Oh, my god, Ygritte is so skinny. I have to stop eating after 7pm.

ANDY: [Says nothing.]

ME: Is this the whole “lord’s kiss” thing?

ANDY: It appears to be the “lord’s kiss.”

ME: So no one else comes into this cave for sex? With the hot tub, waterfall and everything?

ANDY: Maybe no one else knows about the cave.

ME: But it’s right in the middle of the Wildlings village or whatever. It’s not they hiked far to get there. You’d think people would be lining up to get into the cave.

ANDY: I just don’t know.

[Hot tub, waterfall, hot kisses]

ME: I love Jon Snow and Ygritte. [pause] She’s going to die isn’t she?

ANDY: [Nothing.]

ME: Jon Snow is so happy and they’re so cute together, look at them, and they’re just going to kill her and make him miserable. Aren’t they?

ANDY: I don’t do spoilers.

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