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A Woody Allen 12-Step

February 6, 2014


**Trigger warnings about sexual abuse.** 1. Your first Woody Allen movie was probably Zelig. You were fascinated by the charm of the grainy 1920′s footage shown in the film. You were obsessed with old movies like Citizen Kane–particularly movies about men who claim to be someone they’re not. You were amused by Zelig’s chameleon-like ability […]

“Facing Fear”: Could You Forgive Someone Who Tried to Kill You?

November 15, 2013


Imagine this scenario. You’re a 13-year-old on the streets of Hollywood. Your mother kicked you out of the house because you’re gay. You’ve been selling your body as a means to an end because you have nothing else to live on. This is Matthew Boger. You’re a teenage skinhead. Neo-Nazi. You get adrenalin rushes from […]

My Daughter Outed Me As A Sexist

October 24, 2013


One of the best things and worst things about parenting is how freaking humbling it is. Take for example, my dismay when I realized I, the feminist blogger, am a raging sexist when it comes to parenting my children: The kitchen light turned into a single bright bulb and my beautiful daughter, an angry interrogator. She […]

What Steubenville, Glen Ridge and Now Maryville Have In Common

October 15, 2013


“There are two sides to every story.” This is what a woman said to me after I attempted to commiserate about what happened in the town I live in, Glen Ridge, NJ,  in 1989 after seven boys were convicted of raping a girl with multiple objects (including a plunger.) The girl had a lower than […]

How To Kill A Girl

August 16, 2013


During the last lap of a heat wave in Boston, the Herald and every other paper splashed stories about a young woman who was kidnapped, robbed, beaten, sexually assaulted and killed. Amy Lord was picked off the street on her way to the gym at 6 a.m. A young woman snuffed out while the rest of […]

The Trouble With T-Shirts

July 22, 2013


    That super cute four dollar t-shirt we pull over the head of our toddler, was probably made in Bangladesh by a worker earning thirty-five dollars a month. The problem with this scenario, the terribly treated Bangladeshi worker, and the toddler in the US, are the economics of real lives. We bargain hunt to make […]

Walmart Abduction: Charish Periwinkle

June 24, 2013


Mother of three, meets a man at a local Dollar Store, accepts a ride, along with her children, in his van, to Walmart. The man has promised to help buy clothing for the children. After they’ve shopped for an hour and a half, the man says he’s hungry and goes for a burger. The mother’s […]

Zero Sexual Assault Victims Present On Sexual Assault In The Military Panel

June 6, 2013


Yesterday was the first day of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assault in the military. This is taking place because the women in our military, those ladies with Uzi’s fighting for our country, are also prying the creepy, wandering hands of the men in their troop off them. As a reminder, 26,000 […]

400 Women Held For ‘Moral Crimes’

May 22, 2013


Four hundred women are being held for moral crimes in Afghanistan. Women so desperate to escape intolerable situations they ran. They live in a country where that decision will leave them at a societal deficit, if they are ever released from jail. If released, families often shun such women, leaving them to die on the […]

Welcome Home, From HELL

May 16, 2013


In response to Hayley’s piece from yesterday, the question about how the three young women who were prisoners in a Cleveland home for a decade, go on, I have no answers. I’m sure that balloons and stuffed animals are not going to make things right.  I work with young women and grown women and young […]