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Valerie Cherish, Lisa Rinna and the Humiliating Task of Staying Relevant

January 6, 2015

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  A few weeks ago, Lisa Rinna said  a 2012 commercial she appeared in for Depends–yes, the adult diaper–was the highest paid gig she ever had. “I got paid more money to do that than I got paid to do anything in my whole life. I was just winking to the bank. To stay relevant […]

New Couch, Was Just a New Couch

March 31, 2014


  It was February when I bought the couch. In the showroom I had imagined parties at my house, the couch, wrapped in an ‘ethnic blue’ upholstery, holding guests firmly and elegantly; the guests, friends who drank dirty martinis while wearing high heels. I have not a single friend who does those activities simultaneously, but […]

Holey Moley, Suzanne Has One Question: Which Nostril?

March 9, 2014


      Guest Post by Suzanne Hegland   The other day on my morning commute I glanced at my reflection in the rearview mirror and discovered a hole in my head that I had forgotten all about. Well, ok. Not my head. My ear. The left ear to be exact, because back in 1983 […]

Oh, God. I’m Old Enough To Wear Eileen Fisher.

October 10, 2013


In the New Yorker a few weeks ago, Janet Malcom wrote about the iconic clothes of Eileen Fisher, saying, “There is a wish shared by women who consider themselves serious that the clothes they wear look as if they were heedlessly flung on rather than anxiously selected. The clothes of Eileen Fisher seem to have […]

Let’s Just Say I Was Dating A Younger Man

September 25, 2013


Let’s just say: 35 is young, if you’re 46. Let’s also say:  35 looks older in some people than in others. Then, let’s agree:  If you are aging typically, and you are forty-six, and nobody says, “Wow, you look 30,”  (in fact they ask if your 50-year old sister is your younger sister), and you […]

So Long, Sassy Bob

February 18, 2013


And now, after years of being my beauty-break, the thing I didn’t have to make better, the protein matter that I dyed iridescent shades of eggplant for fun, chopped into sassy bobs, twisted into lame dreadlocks; chunks of hair wadded together with lanolin, has, over time, like every other genetic luck of the draw, changed.  In a […]

I’m Done With You, Silver Roots–I’m Going All Gray

February 6, 2013


Guest Post by Mary Koch Until I was 23, all my days were bad hair days. I was grimly determined to curl my absolutely straight hair. I started wearing curlers at age five. I either set my hair every night or had permanents until I got married in 1968, and my husband refused to sleep […]

I Don’t Feel Sexy With Grey Hair

February 4, 2013


Guest Post by Stephanie Simpson Lazenby Our hair is inextricably tied up with our sexuality–and the color, length and style of it transmits an immediate message to all. Like our clothes or makeup (or lack of makeup) our hair is a signal that we send out.  I enjoy feeling good in my clothes and as […]

I Buzzed My Hair After My Daughter Got Lice, And I Love It

January 28, 2013


Guest Post by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser The haircut came suddenly late at night, fueled by the bug scampering across a piece of tissue paper after I’d dislodged it from my head with the Cadillac of nit combs. My head had been itching rather terribly all day and upon learning that my daughter’s head was scratchy […]

I’ve Spent My Whole Life Fighting You, Curly Hair

January 22, 2013


My thick, kinky hair has never been something easy to manage. I’ve tried hundreds of products. As a teen, I’d stare dreamily at girls with straight hair, desperate to feather my hair just once. I’d cry with envy when Marcia Brady brushed her hair 100 times with abandon. Curly girls don’t brush their hair. Ever. […]