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AA Stewardess Scolds Breastfeeding Mom, And We All Decide It’s Time For Some New Breastfeeding Policies

August 7, 2013


A mother breastfeeding her baby on an American Airlines flight last week was told by a stewardess that she needed to “cover up” while breastfeeding. According to the mom (via Jezebel), the stewardess first shot dirty looks to the breastfeeding mother then demanded the mother put a “blanket over my son ‘because there are kids […]

Teen Parenting Is Not An Entertainment Show, No Matter What MTV Tells You

September 13, 2012


Guest Post by Avital Norman Nathman This: …is not reality. It’s an edited for entertainment version of what teen parenting might look like. But the magazine covers? The sensationalizing and “shockers” they’re trying to sell as the teen parenting narrative? That’s not reality. Between the sensationalism that accompanies most “reality” TV and the stigmatization of many […]

Stop Stereotyping About ‘Girl-Drama,’ People. It Just Makes You Sound Sexist.

September 4, 2012


Guest Post by Lyz Lenz When my daughter was three months old, my older sister came to visit. My sister has a five year-old son, who lives, eats and breathes Batman.  My nephew is a wonderful creature, who is constantly damp with exertion and barrels into any room holding before him a fierce imagination that […]

Unwanted Advice About Babies, Pregnancies and Other Human Developments That Are None Of Your Business

August 20, 2012


I remember being pregnant. About seven months pregnant. One of New York City’s finest said to me when I stopped at a crosswalk, “Carrying twins?” “Uh, no,” I said, staring down at my belly which was slowly becoming a shelf. “Oh, you must be ready to pop then.” “Nope,” I said. “Seven months.” “Seven months,” […]

More Women Vs. Mothers On The Time Magazine Cover: It’s A Lot Of Pressure, Ladies

May 14, 2012


Yes, that’s what I was thinking when I first saw it a few days ago. So much so that I could barely get myself to write a post about it, let alone discuss it with everyone on the planet who seems to be talking about it. Which is the point of this cover, no? To […]

Pregnancy: I Had Natural Childbirth And An Epidural

January 11, 2012


The “midwife of modern midwifery” Ina May Gaskin was interviewed recently at the blog Feministing, and instead of resulting in a shower of goodness around the beauty and wonder of natural childbirth, it stirred up a shit storm of controversies and anger about homebirth, attacks on Ms. Gaskin, and whole mess of judgements and shame […]

Sex After Pregnancy: AKA My Postpartum Booty Call

October 10, 2011


Guest Post By Andrea Chisholm I will never forget the sloppy red crayon heart drawn around the date of my six-week postpartum visit. Did he really think I was looking forward to “medical clearance”  for the bedroom? Wasn’t he there in the delivery room? Hadn’t he witnessed the destruction? Why hadn’t he given any of […]

Womb For Rent: A Personal Tale On Surrogacy

August 22, 2011


Guest Post by Andrea Chisholm Prime Location built in 1979. Vacant for three years. Monthly maintenance continued during vacancy. Two prior occupants each with nine month leases. Impeccable upkeep. Experienced and laid back landlord. Property amenities include daily afternoon naps, organic home cooked meals, evening yoga and classical music. Nine month lease only. Available immediately. […]

Life Balance: I Had to Choose Between My Dying Mother And My Infant Daughter

July 7, 2011


Guest Post by Jessica Sherman When I was pregnant, I imagined my first tough parenting choices would be to boob or not to boob.  I thought I might fret over a nanny or daycare. I never thought I would be choosing between putting my infant daughter to sleep or taking care of my dying mother. […]