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The Obesity Epidemic’s Silver Lining: Self-Esteem Booster

July 11, 2013


  I realize statistics citing rising obesity and the dangers therein, are alarming and herald a future reminiscent of the movie, Wall-E. Wall-E, where tubby people float on inflatable chairs (see above image) slurping from gigantic drinks, while holding chubby hands. I know. However, I’d like to share an upside to the epidemic: The beach. Once a […]

So Long, Sassy Bob

February 18, 2013


And now, after years of being my beauty-break, the thing I didn’t have to make better, the protein matter that I dyed iridescent shades of eggplant for fun, chopped into sassy bobs, twisted into lame dreadlocks; chunks of hair wadded together with lanolin, has, over time, like every other genetic luck of the draw, changed.  In a […]

From Chemically Straightened Hair, To Dreadlocks, To Black-Baby-Short

February 12, 2013


Guest Post By Nicole Blades He asked if he could touch it. I obliged. After all, he was the boy. The one all the girls chased during recess. The one to whom we sent silly notes with mangled letters and shapes. He was The Boy, and he asked if he could touch my hair. It […]

I Buzzed My Hair After My Daughter Got Lice, And I Love It

January 28, 2013


Guest Post by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser The haircut came suddenly late at night, fueled by the bug scampering across a piece of tissue paper after I’d dislodged it from my head with the Cadillac of nit combs. My head had been itching rather terribly all day and upon learning that my daughter’s head was scratchy […]

I’ve Spent My Whole Life Fighting You, Curly Hair

January 22, 2013


My thick, kinky hair has never been something easy to manage. I’ve tried hundreds of products. As a teen, I’d stare dreamily at girls with straight hair, desperate to feather my hair just once. I’d cry with envy when Marcia Brady brushed her hair 100 times with abandon. Curly girls don’t brush their hair. Ever. […]

Do You Tell Your Daughter That You Think You’re Beautiful?

December 10, 2012


1. My friend Marci sent me this post “I’ve Started Telling My Daughters That I’m Beautiful,” from the website Offbeat Families. She wanted to hear my thoughts. It’s a bold statement, especially once you’ve hit 40. Or 41. I tell my daughter she is beautiful. Do I tell her I’m beautiful? No, I don’t think […]

NPR’s Princess: Same Shitty Messaging (new fav verb, thanks GOP)

November 27, 2012


    NPR’s Weekend Edition interviewed a working princess; she pretties up birthday parties and birthday party clowns? Well, they mess ‘em up with balloon dogs and crying kids. FYI, the princess party industry has been recession proof, if you’re unemployed with access to your old prom dresses, it’s something to consider. I have little […]

Aging Can Be Fierce, Ya’ll

June 15, 2012


Just when I thought I had no hope in the fight against aging (read: I don’t, but let’s pretend I do),  Ari Seth Cohen dedicated a website to the most fabulous creatures on our planet: women in their 60s and beyond. The New York Times writes about his ultra-fabulous blog, Advanced Style, today. Writes Cathy […]

Junior Prom: Mommy-Downer

May 9, 2012


  The afternoon before the prom there was a flutter of activity. I sensed the excitement from my office, knowing the prom was the source, I dug harder into my work. I would not be corrupted. Right about then, my daughter burst in, she’d  accompanied an older girlfriend to a tanning salon! A tanning salon?!? […]

Why Vogue Triumphed and Seventeen Lost In The Eating Disorder War

May 8, 2012


Just as Vogue announced  a ban of under-aged and thinspo-leaning models from its pages–a “triumph” according to Slate’s Libby Copeland–Seventeen magazine shut down 14-year-old Julia Bluhm, a ballet dancer who attempted to convince Seventeen magazine to hire “real” models instead of using photoshopped girls. Bluhm, who supplied Seventeen editor Ann Shoket with 25,000 signatures, was […]