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A Lesson About Body Image In Booty Songs

June 20, 2014

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While driving with my 10 and 5-year-old kids to my sister-in-law’s on Long Island through sluggish traffic on the Cross Island Parkway, I succumbed to their requests to hear the “Wiggle” song (“Your booty like two planets, Go ahead and go ham sandwich”) by Jason Derulo and Snoop Dogg. My kids danced and sang to […]

Holey Moley, Suzanne Has One Question: Which Nostril?

March 9, 2014


      Guest Post by Suzanne Hegland   The other day on my morning commute I glanced at my reflection in the rearview mirror and discovered a hole in my head that I had forgotten all about. Well, ok. Not my head. My ear. The left ear to be exact, because back in 1983 […]

Belly Buttons and Other Beautiful Things

January 29, 2014


  I told her that right after she was born her father snipped the cord and she’d hollered and worn a little Band Aid for about a week until her belly button was revealed in a quiet moment during a diaper change. After recollecting I was more certain than ever that I would not sign […]

Do You Have a Thigh Gap?

October 20, 2013

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      I’m checking in, after being too busy cleaning house to write a single word. Writing, when there are so many enormously huge problems begging to be written about, can overwhelm. If we don’t address the frozen government, instead spending a blog’s worth of words on Halloween safety, are we being banal? These […]

The Obesity Epidemic’s Silver Lining: Self-Esteem Booster

July 11, 2013


  I realize statistics citing rising obesity and the dangers therein, are alarming and herald a future reminiscent of the movie, Wall-E. Wall-E, where tubby people float on inflatable chairs (see above image) slurping from gigantic drinks, while holding chubby hands. I know. However, I’d like to share an upside to the epidemic: The beach. Once a […]

Oh Hello, Labia, So Nice To Meet You

February 19, 2013


You don’t realize that your labia will be waxed when you get a Brazilian. Of course you understand that this is the inevitable. That your entire vagina will be naked, except for that little landing strip left of pubic hair. But as a Brazilian virgin, I couldn’t possibly imagine what the experience is like until […]

So Long, Sassy Bob

February 18, 2013


And now, after years of being my beauty-break, the thing I didn’t have to make better, the protein matter that I dyed iridescent shades of eggplant for fun, chopped into sassy bobs, twisted into lame dreadlocks; chunks of hair wadded together with lanolin, has, over time, like every other genetic luck of the draw, changed.  In a […]

Plus Size Starts WHERE?!?!?

October 12, 2012


Gotta do this, you know I do. We celebrated International Girls Day  and those faces, those faces of gorgeous children were enough to make me wonder–why we can not figure out how to cherish all children? Let’s give them equally imperfect,  but loving places to grow from. Let’s give them a shot at enjoying this big […]

The Sequined Mini Skirt, The Bat Mitzvah And My Spanx

September 11, 2012


At a bat mitzvah this weekend, a woman wore a very short sequined mini-skirt, a white wife beater and 4-inch heels. This woman had a rockin’ body. Not one ounce of flab. This woman was my age. I wore a mini as well that night. It wasn’t as mini as her mini. Hers was triple […]

Kate Upton’s a FATTY

July 11, 2012


Remember Kate Upton? We discussed her Sports Illustrated cover here. On one of the pro-ana (pro-anorexic support group sites), here,  Kate Upton has been targeted as fat. She’s the nineteen-year-old bombshell. She’s also fat. Here’s what that website had to say:  Now, there’s nothing wrong with an average girl like Kate being confident. She’s pretty, […]