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7 Feminist Conversations We Should Have To Wrap Up The Summer

September 2, 2014


1. We have a police brutality issue in our country. Black men and boys are targets. Black parents are already having, and have had, that “talk” with their kids about how to avoid getting shot by police. How do we deal with this? How does this cycle end? 2. Instead of obsessing over Jennifer Aniston’s […]

Why Do We Still Need To Shatter ‘The Good Mother’ Myth?

January 21, 2014


Perhaps it’s fitting that the two worst mothers on television currently–Corrine Dollanganger and her mother Olivia Foxworth of Lifetime’s rendition of Flowers In The Attic (reference #1) coincide with the launch of a new book on mothers. The book, unlike Flowers in the Attic (Flowers in the Attic reference#2), isn’t a little shop of horrors, […]

My Daughter Outed Me As A Sexist

October 24, 2013


One of the best things and worst things about parenting is how freaking humbling it is. Take for example, my dismay when I realized I, the feminist blogger, am a raging sexist when it comes to parenting my children: The kitchen light turned into a single bright bulb and my beautiful daughter, an angry interrogator. She […]

Where’s Miss America’s Voice?

September 17, 2013


Women are told to find their voice…seldom do we discuss what that means. After all, we speak, therefore we have voice, no? We are outraged and rightfully so that America has rejected our Indian-American Miss America. In fact, when leaving nasty comments raging against the newly crowned Miss America, internet trolls mostly cite the wrong […]

How To Kill A Girl

August 16, 2013


During the last lap of a heat wave in Boston, the Herald and every other paper splashed stories about a young woman who was kidnapped, robbed, beaten, sexually assaulted and killed. Amy Lord was picked off the street on her way to the gym at 6 a.m. A young woman snuffed out while the rest of […]

AA Stewardess Scolds Breastfeeding Mom, And We All Decide It’s Time For Some New Breastfeeding Policies

August 7, 2013


A mother breastfeeding her baby on an American Airlines flight last week was told by a stewardess that she needed to “cover up” while breastfeeding. According to the mom (via Jezebel), the stewardess first shot dirty looks to the breastfeeding mother then demanded the mother put a “blanket over my son ‘because there are kids […]

Why Do We Have To Fight Over Who Is The Better Feminist?

March 21, 2013


   Guest Post by Stephanie Lazenby I’m confused.  Which woman has the right to align or distance themselves as a feminist?  I have two daughters, so I want to make sure I get this right. Sheryl Sandberg, author Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, is the living embodiment for modern feminism because she […]

What The Boys Of Steubenville Need: Education On Rape Culture

January 7, 2013


In following and writing about the Steubenville rape case, there’s become quite a call for some serious revenge. There’s all sorts of calls to action like: “I hope those guys get what’s coming to them.” And, “Karma’s a bitch.” WTOV9, a local station, reports that one of the Steubenville Big Red football players admitted they’re […]

Do You Tell Your Daughter That You Think You’re Beautiful?

December 10, 2012


1. My friend Marci sent me this post “I’ve Started Telling My Daughters That I’m Beautiful,” from the website Offbeat Families. She wanted to hear my thoughts. It’s a bold statement, especially once you’ve hit 40. Or 41. I tell my daughter she is beautiful. Do I tell her I’m beautiful? No, I don’t think […]

You’re Going to Have To Convince Me You’re Not A Feminist, Katy Perry

December 4, 2012


We’ve covered this topic before. About women confused about whether or not they’re a feminist. And fine, fair enough. There’s some confusion. Like my friend here. But when it comes to women who speak to and uplift women,especially those who have a direct line to my 3-year-old daughter– I’m talking to you Katy Perry–it’s hard […]