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Drop All Those Self-Help Books, This Banana Slicer Will Change Your Life

January 25, 2013


When you first click on the Hutzler 571 Banana Slicer and notice that there are 2,436 customer reviews it certainly sends out a signal to pay attention–and pay attention quick. First, I didn’t even realize banana slicers existed (and I am not out of the loop on singular-use kitchen utensils, okay. I have a hand-held […]

An Open Letter To My Defective GE Microwave Oven

November 26, 2012


Update: GE contacted me shortly after I posted this on Twitter. They offered me up to $300 to replace the microwave since it was still under the one-year warranty. I can only commend them for excellent customer service and I’m highly impressed. With that said, if I hadn’t blasted them across the web, would they […]

Thanksgiving Drama: The Overcooked Turkey, The Vegetarian And The Emails

November 19, 2012


Though I’ve been a vegetarian since I was about 10, and have no interest in eating turkey whatsoever, I’ve always wanted to host Thanskgiving at my house. And since my sister-in-law, who usually hosts a beautiful Thanksgiving every year, called it quits on the holiday–after being out of power for almost two weeks, she and […]

Family Dinners: Mandatory Hell

August 21, 2012


The family dinner is a thing I aspired to. I wanted to feed my children dinner and hear about their days. I really did. When our kids were little, my husband and I would sit with them around a large table and the whining commenced. But we kept at those tense miserable feedings, called dinner, […]

Miri Joins Weight Watchers: Entry #2

May 21, 2012


I didn’t forget. I just didn’t go back. I went twice. Once for the initial shock and the following week for the glory of lost pounds. Then I got busy writing, walking my dog, doing the laundry and micromanaging the lives of my children. I’m busy, busy, busy. Oh, and then I work a little […]

A Gift From Her Daughter: A Woman’s Battle With Body Image

March 23, 2012


Guest Post by,  Andrea Chisholm I grew up with a guardian over my refrigerator door. A picture of a mud covered snorting pig with the caption, “ A moment on your lips, forever on your hips.” For years the pig made me laugh. She was so cute and seemed so happy and playful I don’t think […]

Miri Joins Weight Watchers, Again: Entry #1

March 13, 2012


My first WW leader, back in the late 1980′s (I was the only high school student there) was named Candy. She had “before” and “after” pictures. “Before” WW she was immense. “After” WW she was deflated with the round face of a person waiting to be filled. I thought she looked pretty before, what did […]