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Summer Vacation: Some Kids Were Volunteering. Mine Were At The Mall.

June 30, 2011


How do you get your kids to volunteer and give back to the community? Miriam explores options other than the mall.

Divorce Kicked My Ass–Yoga Lifted It (Sorta)

June 27, 2011


In a regrettable moment of over-sharing, I admitted that I’d considered yoga teacher training to the women I take daily yoga with. Last week when our yoga teacher was on a pilgrimage to New Mexico, I was called upon to substitute. I had said I was thinking about the training. I had not said I […]

My Mother Asked Me to Grade Her Parenting, and I Gave Her an ‘F’

June 20, 2011


No, really. I did. Which would lead anyone to the understandable conclusions that I’m a horrible person/daughter, I had an abysmal childhood, and I hate my mother. None of which is actually true. Considering the fact that we’re really nothing alike, my mother and I get along pretty well, and for the most part, we […]

It’s 2011. So Why Am I Still Feeling Shame About My Divorce?

June 18, 2011


It was the beginning of pre-k and my son, Jake, who was five at the time, was having a rocky transition. The two boys he sat with deemed his jokes unfunny, and the treacherous tire swing that I had forbidden him to play on was in constant motion. The other cause of some anxiety was […]

4:28 a.m. Is Not a Good Time for a Teachable Moment a.k.a., Mom is Angry Again

June 13, 2011


Last night my son woke me up three times. 2:10. 3:30. 4:28. I knew it was 4:28 because when I told him it was 4:30 and he needed to get back to sleep, he insisted that I was lying. “It’s actually 4:28 and can’t you just finally get the time right, Mom?” Why am I […]

Putting the Politic in Pedicures: One Mom’s Thoughts

June 7, 2011


My teenagers are fresh cakes. They are moist and frosted and looking at them for too long could make your mouth water. Next to them, I have fallen like an outdated soufflé pulled from a 1970’s oven. Mid-life parenting of teenagers is an overt insult to your vanity. A year ago I began upping my […]