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NPR’s Princess: Same Shitty Messaging (new fav verb, thanks GOP)

November 27, 2012


    NPR’s Weekend Edition interviewed a working princess; she pretties up birthday parties and birthday party clowns? Well, they mess ‘em up with balloon dogs and crying kids. FYI, the princess party industry has been recession proof, if you’re unemployed with access to your old prom dresses, it’s something to consider. I have little […]

Beautiful: With and Without

April 9, 2012


      Madonna’s perfection cream and why mommy wears makeup…we’ve been thinking a lot about this at Femamom. I’ve confessed to loving makeup and to feeling conflicted about the message that has given my daughter, my son and yes, people I see outside when I’m wearing a thick layer of blue eyeliner to the gym […]

Adding Boys to Our Conversation: Weight Loss and Body Image

March 28, 2012


Yesterday Hayley wrote about the mother with the eating disorder who got a book deal to write about her daughter’s chubbiness…Last week Andrea wrote about her mother’s pig fridge magnet and how said pig’s location, top of fridge, out of site, or smack dab in the middle of the fridge, affected her mother’s mood. A dieting mother was not a chipper […]

Shame on You Komen, Now We Really Know That It’s Politics Over Health

February 2, 2012


(JEWEL SAMAD/AFP/Getty Images) Susan Komen’s board showed us that they could care less about health–that this was a religious right, anti-choice move that decided to stop funding Planned Parenthood and now with Mollie Willams’s resignation–she was the top public health official on the Komen board and resigned to protest their decision, read about the story […]

Unplugged: No Internet, No Cellphone, No Life

December 14, 2011


Guest Post by Suzanne Hegland  At the end of this fall semester, I asked my college writing students to digitally disconnect for 24 hours. I anticipated more than the usual groans of despair and litany of complaints. When I pitched the assignment to my own kids (aged 14 and 17) they reacted as if I […]