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Female Pals Cartoon Network Should Make A Series About

April 18, 2014


Cartoon Network has never pretended to be a channel for girls. With it’s boy-heavy programming since it’s inception in 1993, it catered to the testosterone-heavy superhero world of boys–The Clone Wars, Ben Ten, The Transformers–with advertisers pushing Nerf guns and other Styrofoam battle axes. In it’s 20-year run, there has been exactly one show about […]

What’s Wrong With Being Bossy?

March 12, 2014


Maybe it’s because Lean In didn’t quite work (you know, the whole career, family, I’m-having-a-nervous-breakdown thing), Sheryl Sandberg, the queen of bossy pants is now trying to take the word bossy off the girl vernacular. In an op-ed for The Wall Street Journal this weekend, Sandberg suggests that the word bossy is a girl-only word, […]

Here’s One Way To Wreck A Child’s Education: Take Away Recess

October 23, 2013


Recess is the only “subject” my 9-year-old will talk about. I don’t even bother asking him how school is. He’s a good student. An excellent student. A veracious reader. I’m not telling you this to brag. I don’t have an “honor roll” sticker on the back of my car. I’m telling you this because my […]

Biggest Mistake of Her Life? Having Kids

April 15, 2013


Isabella Duton’s children are the biggest mistake of her life. But before you dismiss her as a wretch, consider what your reaction would be to a father who wrote the same article. I know that I judge her differently than I would a father. I can’t believe she and I are members of the same […]

Because I Said So…

January 31, 2013


  A list of things I thought I’d never say, back when my kids were little cutie-pies: You can’t go out in that, it’s my job to keep you from getting abducted Stacking your dishes with sauce and pasta glued on them, is not cleaning up after yourselves You texted me when you meant to […]

Seeing Red: Syrian Children

January 9, 2013


  Syrian children are painting only in red. If anyone doubts the impact of seeing carnage on a daily basis, of watching bodies torn into pieces, the report that aired on NPR’s Morning Edition, left no room to wonder: Shocking statistics, such as the U.N.’s estimate that more than 60,000 people have died in Syria since anti-regime […]

Why I’m Not Sending Holiday Cards 2012

December 14, 2012


Last year I had all sorts of reasons why I didn’t send holiday cards of my adorable kids. And though I got pummeled by some angry folks on the Huffington Post (e.g., Why would I call it a holiday card when it’s a Christmas card? Have I forgotten about the reason for Christmas? Oh, you […]

My Kid’s School Is Teaching How To “Prepare For An Armed Attack”–And I’m Terrified

December 11, 2012


   Guest Post by Suzanne Hegland My town appears to be next in line to join more than 300 schools across the United States in implementing a new strategy to prepare children for an armed attack. I live in suburban Boston, thousands of geographic and political miles from the gun-toting Lone Star state where this […]

Elf On The Shelf: Santa’s Little Narc

December 3, 2012


Guest Post by Stephanie Lazenby As a parent I hold the key to many secrets, like the Tooth Fairy, what a mortgage is and where babies come from.  Santa is the biggest secret of all.  But now there is a new character being heaped onto to the pile of Christmas make-believe which adds onto my […]

The Daunting Recovery of The Jersey Shore

November 1, 2012


First things first. I am OK. My family is OK. We are out of power. The extent of our damage: A bag of raviolis perished in my melting freezer, my fence hinges blew off and Halloween was postponed until Monday.  Probably the saddest piece of all this was my three-year-old daughter’s response: “Mommy, I’m afraid […]