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What I Learned About Marriage From Tori And Dean

November 5, 2014

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1. “Right now Dean is a priority, it’s what Dean needs. I’m not taking care of myself.” This is a constant in Tori’s life. That she’s not taking care of herself.  But Tori’s definition of taking care of herself means talking about taking care of herself, and talking to everyone else about taking care of herself.  If you talk […]

I Did: Wedding Season

April 28, 2013


  It’s that time of year, when the lilacs bloom, the sun shines longer and weddings happen. Weddings are lovely, but it’s really the years after the event that make up the ‘event’. Yesterday, my office hours were spent listening to clients whose lives were either in the middle of divorcing, separating, marrying or waiting to […]

An Interview With Hester Kaplan, The Author Of “The Tell”

January 23, 2013


Hester Kaplan writes about marriage. Whether it’s stories about couples trying to figure out where they stand in a relationship with her award-winning The Edge of Marriage or most recently, with her new novel, The Tell, she writes about nuances that exist under the surface–the kind that make you question your own relationship after you’ve […]

Why Is Everyone So Concerned About Petraeus Biographer Paula Broadwell’s Sexy Dress? (She’s A Slut)

November 11, 2012


UPDATE: I don’t normally approve hateful comments on this site because a) we all know what a troll looks like and b) we’re not into misogynists here on Femamom. But I had to accept a few crazy-town comments so our readers can get an idea about what people are thinking when it comes to a […]

The Four Year Itch: Our Marriage to Obama

October 3, 2012


My dearest Barack: If you’d just go to couple’s therapy with me, I think we could work this out. But in case you won’t, busy running for president and all, I’ll just outline some of the bigger points we need to address: A. I don’t like being called sweetie in front of millions of people. […]

Birthday Wishes: Seventy-Three

September 23, 2012


  My mother turned seventy-three years old on Saturday. My kids and I drove up to New Hampshire, to the house she lives in with my step-father, who has been a great dad-like-guy for over twenty-five years. He’s watched us all grow from wobbly, extremely young adults into middle-aged people cluttering up his house. He’s […]

Ask Miri: I Had An Affair and Now My Husband Wants to Meet the Man

June 27, 2012


Dear Miri, I got married few months ago. I told my husband about my past before we got engaged;  I was having affair which lasted 3yrs. I had gotten physical with that guy, and I told this truth to my husband, as I never wanted to cheat on my husband.  At the time I told […]

Daydreaming: Teenage Girl 2012

February 28, 2012


The other day my daughter and her friends were talking about what they would be when they grew up (surgeon, teacher, geneticist, dancer, photographer), where they would live (Boston, California, England) and how many children they’d have (three was the average). Part of growing up is imagining your future. The girls lined up their anticipated […]

Ryan Gosling Wants To Wish You A Happy (Feminist) Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2012


Okay, I admit. On Valentine’s Day, I need some flowers. Sorry to disappoint you all who believe that Valentine’s Day is just another commercial holiday that we shouldn’t be buying into, but my desire for roses (I’ll even take a dandelion) stems from an ex-boyfriend who got himself a tattoo “for me” on Valentine’s Day […]

The Marriage Manual: Ignore Exhaustion, Fight All Day, Put Up With Crap–Then Smack His Tush

February 10, 2012


With Valentine’s day looming, we’re all looking for recipes for marriage, but it’s easy to miss each other in life. We compromise. We demand. We complain. Sometimes, hopefully most times, we meet in the middle around the screaming kids and the dog’s anal leakage and the dead mice that the cat leaves in the driveway […]