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“It Wasn’t Rape-Rape” — Whoopi Goldberg

September 19, 2013


 Guest Post by Dr. Andrea Chisolm I had forgotten about Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial comment, “It wasn’t rape-rape” until I read it again in Rebecca Keegan’s article, in the Los Angeles Times, about Samantha Geimer’s memoir, The Girl in which she recounts her rape by Roman Polanski and its repercussions. I haven’t read the memoir yet, but the […]

Practice Safe Living: Buy a Gun

December 26, 2012


The NRA’s long silence following the  Newtown school killings, during which great speculation about what they’d recommend swirled, culminated in a call to arm teachers, bus drivers, crossing guards and lunch ladies. In an op-ed by Maureen Dowd for the NYT, she lambastes the NRA’s complete and utter lack of responsibility:  LaPierre, who literally trembles when […]

Anyone Remember The Glen Ridge Rape Case? The Steubenville Rape Case Is A Lot Like That.

December 19, 2012


Here’s what happened in Steubenville, Ohio on August 11 after a neighborhood party. An unconscious girl, a teenager, drunk out of her mind and completely blacked out, was raped repeatedly. Pictures were taken, then passed around, just as she was recklessly passed around that night. According to the New York Times, some folks in Steubenville […]

My Son Is Driving A Car: The Occasional Operator

December 5, 2012


The RMV on a Monday afternoon, after lunch and before the logical bewitching hour of right after people get off work, was INSANE. Busy, hot, snaked with long lines, boarded by uncomfortable benches and watched over by a digital red number machine, lighting up with each new person served. My son was number 215, his […]

My Name Is Jasmine. I Sneak Boys in at 3 a.m….

November 29, 2012


As reported all over the US this past weekend, the article below is from the Daily Mail online. I looked and listened for a trace of dismay (other than the fake shock accompanied with a smile on Fox News) in the voices of television reporters, or the mention of child abuse. I didn’t find either. This is […]

Pulling My Kid Out Of Boy Scouts Was An Easy Lesson In ‘Do Unto Others’

July 20, 2012


I wouldn’t say that I was gung-ho when my ex-husband told me he was going to sign our son up for the Boy Scouts in 2010. I had heard about their stringent anti-gay policy and didn’t want my child (or myself for that matter) to participate in any club that would exclude openly gay boys […]

Can’t Beat ‘Em? Shame ‘Em.

June 14, 2012


Wednesday, June 13, 2012:  NPR has Sandusky’s trial analysis on every a.m. talk show. According to an expert on men in prison,  there is a huge number of men clogging the penal system who have histories of sexual abuse. All those men, untreated for sexual abuse. All those men with huge violent wounds. And while I […]

Why What Is Happening In Syria Should Be Important To Every Parent

May 31, 2012


Over the weekend, the Syrian government killed 100 civilians, over 40 of them children, according to reports–but the news of  an 11-year-old boy who survived the massacre by smearing his murdered brother’s blood over his face to pretend he was dead is perhaps one of the most chilling details to come out. The boy’s entire […]

Listen Up: A Letter to Syrian First Lady Asma al-Assad, From Women & Mothers All Over The World

April 19, 2012


A short new –please note it is graphic– video made by two UN ambassador’s wives addresses Asma Al-Assad, the wife of Syria’s dictator about the killing of Syrian children. Some of you might recognize from her glamour-puss Vogue story. Yes, that’s right. She was featured in Vogue. Because she’s a socialite. Didn’t you know? This […]

Trayvon Martin

March 26, 2012


  Trayvon went out to buy Skittles and an ice tea. He was shot and killed by George Zimmerman on his way home. Zimmerman was told not to follow Trayvon (by 911 operator) but he did and claimed it was an act of self-defense. Zimmerman has not been arrested. My white, hoodie wearing teenage son […]