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My Daughter Outed Me As A Sexist

October 24, 2013


One of the best things and worst things about parenting is how freaking humbling it is. Take for example, my dismay when I realized I, the feminist blogger, am a raging sexist when it comes to parenting my children: The kitchen light turned into a single bright bulb and my beautiful daughter, an angry interrogator. She […]

Group Text: Pick Up Your Shit :) xoxo, mom

August 14, 2013


On Sunday, when I’d cleaned the kitchen for the third time before noon, I was getting into that ‘nobody appreciates all I do mood.’ Tossing cereal bowls into the sink and wiping down the counters with a bad attitude, swearing loudly enough to alarm the dog…none of us get what we ‘need’ without asking. Nobody […]

My Son Is Driving A Car: The Occasional Operator

December 5, 2012


The RMV on a Monday afternoon, after lunch and before the logical bewitching hour of right after people get off work, was INSANE. Busy, hot, snaked with long lines, boarded by uncomfortable benches and watched over by a digital red number machine, lighting up with each new person served. My son was number 215, his […]

My Name Is Jasmine. I Sneak Boys in at 3 a.m….

November 29, 2012


As reported all over the US this past weekend, the article below is from the Daily Mail online. I looked and listened for a trace of dismay (other than the fake shock accompanied with a smile on Fox News) in the voices of television reporters, or the mention of child abuse. I didn’t find either. This is […]

Birthday Wishes: Seventy-Three

September 23, 2012


  My mother turned seventy-three years old on Saturday. My kids and I drove up to New Hampshire, to the house she lives in with my step-father, who has been a great dad-like-guy for over twenty-five years. He’s watched us all grow from wobbly, extremely young adults into middle-aged people cluttering up his house. He’s […]

My Daughter Is Running For Class President–But Her Friends Aren’t Supporting Her

September 17, 2012


Our house is open to our friends. That of course, includes my children’s friends. Up until about today, my daughter’s life has been devoid of much of the girl drama we’ve discussed here at Femamom. I’ve liked to imagine that is because we have been welcoming to our children’s friends. Of course, that’s a ridiculous corollary and […]

The Very Grouchy Apple Picker

September 10, 2012


Last Sunday, my sister, my thirteen-year old nephew, my fifteen-year old Sadie-girl, and my forty-something-something self, went apple picking. But a man wearing an apron stopped us before we could wander into the sweet humid orchards. Apron-man’s message? We would have to take a hayride and hand over fifteen dollars cash before any picking. No […]

My Daughter’s Brush With Social Suicide

August 27, 2012


I hadn’t heard of social suicide until the same child who invented pussy up, told me she could not ride the bike she’d saved for, because her helmet didn’t “go” with the bike. The long coveted bike was a powder blue cruiser; a-girl-on-the-way-home -from-the-beach, hair loose, a sandy-bare feet-riding-bike. The handle bars begged for a […]

To: The Video Game Industry, From: A Mom Whose Son Loves Gaming

August 7, 2012


Dear Video Game Industry: You have a handle on my son. Yes, I know you know this already. You started your influence a long time ago, just the same way the Disney princesses have infiltrated our girls’ lives with 3 month Cinderalla onesies. In retrospect, maybe the whole video game thing is my fault. I […]

Detachment Parenting

May 16, 2012


Consider this a warning to all ya attachment parents, I was the woman on the cover of Time, in her skinny jeans, pert breast popping out of her tank top, future linebacker nursing on that pert breast… okay, I was never nearly as cute, but I nursed one kid until she was two and hiding […]