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If You Build It, She Will Come (The Feminist Version)

April 3, 2014


A feminist can dream. You can buy this dreamy t-shirt and other great t-shirts at Feminist Apparel.

Daydreams Of Gratitude, Veteran’s Day: 2013

November 10, 2013


Guest Post:  by, Dr. Andrea Chisolm   A few days ago, before a trip to visit relatives in Canada, our three year old announced, “ I go to (M) Ontreal now!” She proceeded to effortlessly put on her shoes and head for the door. We spent the next several minutes engaged in useless explanations; how […]

How Does One Kid Become A Terrorist & Another Work For Greenpeace?

April 18, 2013


                  As the Boston Marathon week of questions and grief winds down, the face of the youngest bomber is everywhere. His classmates have been interviewed. They are surprised, taken aback and alarmed that their quiet classmate had slowly been transformed into a foot soldier. Youthful zealotry, unchecked, […]

Obama On Gun Control: I’m The President And This Is How It’s Going To Go, Folks

January 15, 2013


When George W. was still president, I remember saying, “I think this man is pathological. I disagree with everything he stands for. But at least he takes a position and moves with it.” And though I’m glad he and his crazy-town platform is in hiding somewhere, I longed for Obama to take a non-flexible stand […]

Abortion Clinic to Close, Men Lead House Committees: How’s That ‘War on Men’ Going?

November 28, 2012


I can’t decide which is worse news today regarding women: 1. The lone Mississippi abortion clinic that is fighting to stay open. 2. The House has not appointed one single woman to run any of the committees for the 113th Congress. According to Politico: “House Republican Steering Committee announced an all-male slate of committee chairs…” […]

Why Is Everyone So Concerned About Petraeus Biographer Paula Broadwell’s Sexy Dress? (She’s A Slut)

November 11, 2012


UPDATE: I don’t normally approve hateful comments on this site because a) we all know what a troll looks like and b) we’re not into misogynists here on Femamom. But I had to accept a few crazy-town comments so our readers can get an idea about what people are thinking when it comes to a […]

Imperfection, Democracy and Drones: My Kid Reminds Me

November 9, 2012


  Setting: Car, early am, before school drop-off. Radio goes on and on about election results. I’m feeling hopeful and buoyed by the elections. I forget I’m living with an angst-filled revolutionary, a kid who didn’t like either of his choices. The kid starts to talk, buzz-kill ensues. Gabe: Both sides are totally corrupt. Obama is more […]

Best T-Shirt Ever: Michelle Obama’s Guns of Steel

October 22, 2012


(Image: Damon Winter/The New York Times)

Ladies, They Are Coming After You: Breaking Down The Women’s Vote

October 18, 2012


According to the New York Times today the presidential campaigns are “intently pursuing votes of women.” In past elections it’s been the soccer mom. It’s been the hockey mom. It’s been Joe the plumber. But today, just a few weeks before the election, they’re after anyone with a vagina. This is quite a broad horizon […]

Plus Size Starts WHERE?!?!?

October 12, 2012


Gotta do this, you know I do. We celebrated International Girls Day  and those faces, those faces of gorgeous children were enough to make me wonder–why we can not figure out how to cherish all children? Let’s give them equally imperfect,  but loving places to grow from. Let’s give them a shot at enjoying this big […]