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Online Dating Story #169: The A-Hole From Bridesmaids

July 12, 2012


I pulled my back out on my date with the A-Hole from Bridesmaids. You know, the Jon Hamm character? A perfect storm of vanity and self-consciousness converged on a bench, when I tried to make my bare legs (100 percent humidity had me in shorts) look their best. I alternated between crossing them (bad for […]

Ask Miri: I Had An Affair and Now My Husband Wants to Meet the Man

June 27, 2012


Dear Miri, I got married few months ago. I told my husband about my past before we got engaged;  I was having affair which lasted 3yrs. I had gotten physical with that guy, and I told this truth to my husband, as I never wanted to cheat on my husband.  At the time I told […]

A Little Bit On Surviving Family Vacations

June 7, 2012


After not only surviving–but enjoying–a family vacation last weekend, I thought it would be a good idea to make a list of  family vacation survival tips since… a) lists are good and b) since most of us will be venturing off into the wild world of 24/7 bonding time with a bunch of screaming maniacs […]

G-Spot: How To Have Orgasms At 83! (Or So They’d Like Us To Think)

April 30, 2012


With Miri’s post last week about her patchouli-wearing plumber’s advice (i.e., “Don’t share your snake with your neighbors”), my mind immediately started thinking about body parts. Maybe it’s because I’m due to read 50 Shades of Grey so we can hold this book club I’ve been touting. So I better get on some Monday morning […]

My Beautiful Tattoo

April 11, 2012


  Heather@ThatUncomfortable Itch, wrote a piece about her fifteen year old daughter wanting a  tattoo for her birthday. She also wrote about the tenaciousness of a fifteen year old and the wily campaigns they can run when there is something they WANT: As fabulous as Cass is, she scares the hell out of me every […]

Why Are 10-Year-Old Girls Hitting Puberty Early?

April 3, 2012


Do you remember the first time a boy noticed your breasts? I was probably about 10. Playing basketball with a boy from up the street. He turned to me and stared at my shirt. “Shouldn’t you put on a bra or something?” he said. I looked down at the budding nothings and chalked it up […]

Study Says: Women Are Defriending Facebook Friends

February 27, 2012


Though women generally cut off friendships so that it’s not so obvious, a new finding has emerged in the world of Facebook. Defriending is trending. According to a new Pew study, via CNet, women–at least 63 percent–are deleting friends. Pew found that 67 percent of women set their profiles so that only their “friends’’ can […]

I Sold My Car And It Made Me A Better Mom

February 22, 2012


Guest Post by Jessica Sherman I want to share my recent liberation.  I did not shed 20 pounds of flab, wean my young child, start a new career or leave my husband. I gave up our car. Okay, I admit I live in a borough of NYC where a car is not a must have […]

Migraine Sufferer Tells Us Her Story

February 8, 2012


This is the story about my friend being brought to her knees. Amy was invincible and then she wasn’t. She went to bed on a Monday night four years ago and woke the next day, at 7:30 a.m., with a migraine. She’d never had one before and she hasn’t been without one since. One long […]

Resolution Update: Can We Quit Yet?

February 1, 2012


  Things I’ve learned while battling to keep the resolve in resolution: 1. Trail running involves lightly spraining your ankle over and over during a three mile run (real trail runners go for twenty and thirty miles). I  run with a group and I don’t want to slow them down. So, I feel as though […]