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Blurred Lines: A Seventh Grade Girl Responds

September 8, 2013


                      Guest Post by Josie Friedman, a seventh grader from Boston, Massachusetts, submitted the essay below; a reaction to the summer hit, Blurred Lines, and a response to the song. Thank you for your submission, Josie. We’re delighted to share it with our readers:  If you […]

I’m Reading My First Romance Novel: It’s Hot, It’s About Marriage And It’s Feminist

July 24, 2013


I’m not prudish when it comes to erotic literature, in fact, I love sex scenes, will re-read sex scenes, have no problem writing sex scenes, and even taught a class about sex scenes to a group of very willing students. I believe in kink. Think women should express themselves in kink even if it means […]

Are Your Antidepressants Making You Less Interested In Sex?

June 27, 2013


I wouldn’t say I was depressed when I went on antidepressants about two years ago. I was eating, I was sleeping, I was actively writing, I was a present mom to my kids. But I wasn’t happy. And around a week or two before my period, I felt even less happy. Not settled. Like life […]

The Jon Snow & Ygritte Sex Scene Post

April 29, 2013


I’ve spent the past two days googling Kit Harrington and Rose Leslie, who play Jon Snow and Ygritte on Game of Thrones. (No, I have not told my husband this.) Call their sex scene Harlequin Romance, goofy for the “You no nothing, Jon Snow-oh-OH!” but the chemistry between the two actors is undeniable. If you’re […]

Sex After Sixty: A Fantasy

July 5, 2012


Guest post: by Jean Callahan (A fearless explorer shares a few of her adventures…) The Hindus say there are three stages of life: student, householder, and spiritual seeker. According to this paradigm, people over 60 are irresistibly drawn to the devout, spending their days in meditation and the practice of good works. Needless to say, not […]

If Abstinence-Only Sex Ed Doesn’t Work, Then Why Are We Still Teaching It?

May 3, 2012


Yesterday in Salon, Tracy Clark-Flory wonders why Obama’s addition of a new sex-ed abstinence plan isn’t getting more flack. The addition which was regulated by Heritage Keepers Abstinence Education, according to RH Reality Check, “contains little or no information about puberty, anatomy, sexually transmitted diseases, or sexual behavior,” or does it “include information about the health […]

G-Spot: How To Have Orgasms At 83! (Or So They’d Like Us To Think)

April 30, 2012


With Miri’s post last week about her patchouli-wearing plumber’s advice (i.e., “Don’t share your snake with your neighbors”), my mind immediately started thinking about body parts. Maybe it’s because I’m due to read 50 Shades of Grey so we can hold this book club I’ve been touting. So I better get on some Monday morning […]

Abortion Parties and Rape Jokes. Yes, I Just Wrote That Thanks To HBO’S Girls

April 25, 2012


I can’t believe I’m disagreeing with Miri, because I don’t think we’ve ever disagreed, but HBO’s Girls, to me, is funny. As in LOL fucking laugh out loud uncomfortable disgustingly funny. Granted, I’m more with the gyno at the end who said “You couldn’t pay me enough to be 24 again.”–Lena Dunham shows the nasty […]

Fifty Shades of Grey: The Book Group

April 15, 2012


(Image: Richard Perry for the New York Times) Ready to talk about sex? After all of the clicks we got from my Fifty Shades of Passover photo (yep, that’s me engaged in some serious erotic lit while children jump on the bed behind me) we thought it would be a great idea to have our […]

50 Shades of Passover

April 12, 2012


The second night of Passover and it’s just a regular old crazy fest. Andy’s brother is tossing the kids on the bed. The ladies are chatting about Fifty Shades of Grey. I hadn’t read the book, so my three sister-in-laws praised the sexual gods for sending down such erotic literary pleasure. Thankfully, 3-year-olds can’t read. […]