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Million Little Gang Rapes

December 8, 2014


      Remember when James Frey, who wrote Million Little Pieces, about his addiction and all the horrifying details, remember when Oprah called him out? I do. I loved that book, I believed every last sentence. When he was exposed as a big old yarn-spinner, I felt a little sorry for him. After all, confabulation […]

Zero Sexual Assault Victims Present On Sexual Assault In The Military Panel

June 6, 2013


Yesterday was the first day of the Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on sexual assault in the military. This is taking place because the women in our military, those ladies with Uzi’s fighting for our country, are also prying the creepy, wandering hands of the men in their troop off them. As a reminder, 26,000 […]

To Do List: Buy Snake

April 27, 2012


Yesterday’s Boston Globe had an article about Syria not sending female athletes to the Olympics this summer. I read the article, you can read it here, with a heavy heart. Really? Yes. No Syrian women rising from the Arab Spring to compete in London’s Olympics. As I considered female athletes doing the long jump in burkas, […]

I Want To Discuss Rape Culture

January 30, 2012


1. Were you aware that women are told how “avoid” getting raped more than men are educated on how to treat women? That there is a prevalent attitude about women that is finger-pointed with extreme victim-blaming. The kind of accusatory messaging that stops women from wanting to report it, or, you know, makes them fearful […]

More on Penn State: How Do You Do Nothing?

November 14, 2011


Hayley discussed the breaking Penn State news here the other day. Since we love discussions at Femamom, I’m going to tackle the football scandal, my a.m. coffee still kicking. I asked some teenage boys sitting in our kitchen what they would do if they walked in a grown man molesting a kid? They were uncomfortable with the […]