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Million Little Gang Rapes

December 8, 2014


      Remember when James Frey, who wrote Million Little Pieces, about his addiction and all the horrifying details, remember when Oprah called him out? I do. I loved that book, I believed every last sentence. When he was exposed as a big old yarn-spinner, I felt a little sorry for him. After all, confabulation […]

What I Remembered:

November 17, 2013


  My senior year in high school, I moved out of my house. I moved in with a friend whose mother had taken to bed, when her husband of two decades left her for his buxom secretary. She had been in bed for six years when I moved in. My friend had run wild since […]

How Does One Kid Become A Terrorist & Another Work For Greenpeace?

April 18, 2013


                  As the Boston Marathon week of questions and grief winds down, the face of the youngest bomber is everywhere. His classmates have been interviewed. They are surprised, taken aback and alarmed that their quiet classmate had slowly been transformed into a foot soldier. Youthful zealotry, unchecked, […]

Where’s My Writing Chair?

March 18, 2013


When I was growing up, I sat at our dining room table and wrote big books with crayon pictures. I wrote stories about girls and cats and snow picnics. I had a thing for the snow picnic, the idea of a basket under a tree, blanket spread out on the snow captured my imagination for […]

My Son Is Driving A Car: The Occasional Operator

December 5, 2012


The RMV on a Monday afternoon, after lunch and before the logical bewitching hour of right after people get off work, was INSANE. Busy, hot, snaked with long lines, boarded by uncomfortable benches and watched over by a digital red number machine, lighting up with each new person served. My son was number 215, his […]

NPR’s Princess: Same Shitty Messaging (new fav verb, thanks GOP)

November 27, 2012


    NPR’s Weekend Edition interviewed a working princess; she pretties up birthday parties and birthday party clowns? Well, they mess ‘em up with balloon dogs and crying kids. FYI, the princess party industry has been recession proof, if you’re unemployed with access to your old prom dresses, it’s something to consider. I have little […]

My Daughter Is Running For Class President–But Her Friends Aren’t Supporting Her

September 17, 2012


Our house is open to our friends. That of course, includes my children’s friends. Up until about today, my daughter’s life has been devoid of much of the girl drama we’ve discussed here at Femamom. I’ve liked to imagine that is because we have been welcoming to our children’s friends. Of course, that’s a ridiculous corollary and […]

There Is No More ‘Average’, So What Does This Mean For Our Kids?

August 22, 2012


Today on the Brian Leher show, Thomas Friedman announced that “There is no more average.” Citing statistics about the connection between unemployment and education, Friedman said that the less educated you are and the less spectacular you are, the less likely you are to succeed in this new technology-driven world of ours. Of course, I […]

Pulling My Kid Out Of Boy Scouts Was An Easy Lesson In ‘Do Unto Others’

July 20, 2012


I wouldn’t say that I was gung-ho when my ex-husband told me he was going to sign our son up for the Boy Scouts in 2010. I had heard about their stringent anti-gay policy and didn’t want my child (or myself for that matter) to participate in any club that would exclude openly gay boys […]

Daniel Tosh: Hilariously Gang Raped

July 17, 2012


Daniel Tosh, his grinning face and dead pan delivery are part of what I see and hear if I want to speak to my children in the middle of the week, when the days are shorter and school has sprung. He pretty much narrates our evenings in the fall and winter. I’m not proud of […]