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The Creepy Coach in Palo Alto

June 11, 2014


                                                  Palo Alto is a film based on a series of short stories by James Franco. The stories are heartbreaking teenage stories, they are typical and painful and they are lonely. […]

Tolerance In The U.S.: Sikh Culture From A Teenager’s Perspective

January 7, 2014


Guest Post by Sadie Goldfarb As the president of the Ipswich, Massachusetts Student Chapter of People to People International  (PTPI), I agreed to be interviewed by a member of PTPI for this post. For those of you not familiar, PTPI  helps foster greater understanding across cultural lines.  I joined the PTPI student chapter because I […]

What I Remembered:

November 17, 2013


  My senior year in high school, I moved out of my house. I moved in with a friend whose mother had taken to bed, when her husband of two decades left her for his buxom secretary. She had been in bed for six years when I moved in. My friend had run wild since […]

Do You Have a Thigh Gap?

October 20, 2013

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      I’m checking in, after being too busy cleaning house to write a single word. Writing, when there are so many enormously huge problems begging to be written about, can overwhelm. If we don’t address the frozen government, instead spending a blog’s worth of words on Halloween safety, are we being banal? These […]

If I Could Be A Teenager, I Would Be You

August 28, 2013


Kernan Shipka, aka Sally Draper, rocks a Riot Grrrl shirt and 90s alt girls all over hang their Kathleen Hanna posters on the back of their bedroom doors while blasting Sonic Youth… until their children tell them to turn it down. (Image: Tom and Lorenzo)

Mean Girls: We Hate Them, Yet, Why Are We So Attracted to Them?

April 23, 2013


  If you are friends with me on Facebook, you will know that my header is a photo of Winona Ryder’s character, Veronica, from Heathers. Veronica was my anti-hero in high school. She stood up to the mean girl, the meanest of them all, Heather “Fuck me gently with a chainsaw” Chandler, by accidentally icing […]

How Does One Kid Become A Terrorist & Another Work For Greenpeace?

April 18, 2013


                  As the Boston Marathon week of questions and grief winds down, the face of the youngest bomber is everywhere. His classmates have been interviewed. They are surprised, taken aback and alarmed that their quiet classmate had slowly been transformed into a foot soldier. Youthful zealotry, unchecked, […]

This Needs To Stop: Two Rape Victims Dead As Result Of Online Shaming

April 12, 2013


When will it stop? This week two teenage girls–TWO–killed themselves as a result of not just their brutal gang rapes, but because their brutal gang rapes were passed along on the internet like horrible entertainment. Feed the girl to the lions. This is not the Coliseum, folks. We no longer feed victims to the Lion, […]

‘Dirty Girls’ Documentary: Feminist Teens Are Target Of Bullying (Yes, They’re Fine)

April 1, 2013


If you haven’t seen the mini-documentary “Dirty Girls” about a group of teenagers from the 90s who are bullied for being different, for “not taking showers,” shopping at thrift stores and writing riot grrrl ‘zines about sexual abuse and how women should be treated–you’re going to be truly surprised by their peers’ critical reaction. (“They’re […]

Where’s My Writing Chair?

March 18, 2013


When I was growing up, I sat at our dining room table and wrote big books with crayon pictures. I wrote stories about girls and cats and snow picnics. I had a thing for the snow picnic, the idea of a basket under a tree, blanket spread out on the snow captured my imagination for […]