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Because I Said So…

January 31, 2013


  A list of things I thought I’d never say, back when my kids were little cutie-pies: You can’t go out in that, it’s my job to keep you from getting abducted Stacking your dishes with sauce and pasta glued on them, is not cleaning up after yourselves You texted me when you meant to […]

I’ve Spent My Whole Life Fighting You, Curly Hair

January 22, 2013


My thick, kinky hair has never been something easy to manage. I’ve tried hundreds of products. As a teen, I’d stare dreamily at girls with straight hair, desperate to feather my hair just once. I’d cry with envy when Marcia Brady brushed her hair 100 times with abandon. Curly girls don’t brush their hair. Ever. […]

What The Boys Of Steubenville Need: Education On Rape Culture

January 7, 2013


In following and writing about the Steubenville rape case, there’s become quite a call for some serious revenge. There’s all sorts of calls to action like: “I hope those guys get what’s coming to them.” And, “Karma’s a bitch.” WTOV9, a local station, reports that one of the Steubenville Big Red football players admitted they’re […]

Updates On Steubenville Rape Case, Vigilantism, Anonymous, And, Yes, Django

January 3, 2013


I saw Django Unchained over the weekend, and the similarities in vigilantism between that movie and what’s currently happening with the Steubenville, Ohio rape case are hard to ignore. Of course, the victim in this case–a 16-year-old who was raped repeatedly over the period of one night in Steubenville, Ohio–wasn’t the vigilante-in-charge as Django became. […]

Anyone Remember The Glen Ridge Rape Case? The Steubenville Rape Case Is A Lot Like That.

December 19, 2012


Here’s what happened in Steubenville, Ohio on August 11 after a neighborhood party. An unconscious girl, a teenager, drunk out of her mind and completely blacked out, was raped repeatedly. Pictures were taken, then passed around, just as she was recklessly passed around that night. According to the New York Times, some folks in Steubenville […]

My Name Is Jasmine. I Sneak Boys in at 3 a.m….

November 29, 2012


As reported all over the US this past weekend, the article below is from the Daily Mail online. I looked and listened for a trace of dismay (other than the fake shock accompanied with a smile on Fox News) in the voices of television reporters, or the mention of child abuse. I didn’t find either. This is […]

Teenager Island

November 16, 2012


On Teenager Island, rituals of bed and bath and books are no longer. All that remains of Unicorn-Lollipop-Toddler- Island, are ghosts of your children in the curls of a four-year old girl, or in the hand of a boy, hidden inside his father’s palm. When parenting on Teenager Island there are a few essential items: […]

Imperfection, Democracy and Drones: My Kid Reminds Me

November 9, 2012


  Setting: Car, early am, before school drop-off. Radio goes on and on about election results. I’m feeling hopeful and buoyed by the elections. I forget I’m living with an angst-filled revolutionary, a kid who didn’t like either of his choices. The kid starts to talk, buzz-kill ensues. Gabe: Both sides are totally corrupt. Obama is more […]

My Daughter Is Running For Class President–But Her Friends Aren’t Supporting Her

September 17, 2012


Our house is open to our friends. That of course, includes my children’s friends. Up until about today, my daughter’s life has been devoid of much of the girl drama we’ve discussed here at Femamom. I’ve liked to imagine that is because we have been welcoming to our children’s friends. Of course, that’s a ridiculous corollary and […]

Teen Parenting Is Not An Entertainment Show, No Matter What MTV Tells You

September 13, 2012


Guest Post by Avital Norman Nathman This: …is not reality. It’s an edited for entertainment version of what teen parenting might look like. But the magazine covers? The sensationalizing and “shockers” they’re trying to sell as the teen parenting narrative? That’s not reality. Between the sensationalism that accompanies most “reality” TV and the stigmatization of many […]