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Million Little Gang Rapes

December 8, 2014


      Remember when James Frey, who wrote Million Little Pieces, about his addiction and all the horrifying details, remember when Oprah called him out? I do. I loved that book, I believed every last sentence. When he was exposed as a big old yarn-spinner, I felt a little sorry for him. After all, confabulation […]

Daydreams Of Gratitude, Veteran’s Day: 2013

November 10, 2013


Guest Post:  by, Dr. Andrea Chisolm   A few days ago, before a trip to visit relatives in Canada, our three year old announced, “ I go to (M) Ontreal now!” She proceeded to effortlessly put on her shoes and head for the door. We spent the next several minutes engaged in useless explanations; how […]

“It Wasn’t Rape-Rape” — Whoopi Goldberg

September 19, 2013


 Guest Post by Dr. Andrea Chisolm I had forgotten about Whoopi Goldberg’s controversial comment, “It wasn’t rape-rape” until I read it again in Rebecca Keegan’s article, in the Los Angeles Times, about Samantha Geimer’s memoir, The Girl in which she recounts her rape by Roman Polanski and its repercussions. I haven’t read the memoir yet, but the […]

Please Define Limited Airstrikes –

September 2, 2013


  We’ve been talking about Syria and Assad for many months, here at Femamom. Recent photographs of the chemical attack in Syria are shocking and the urge to ‘fix’ the situation strong. Certainly, seeing the pictures of writhing children is enough to make me ready to take up arms. There is also, the call by […]

Walmart Abduction: Charish Periwinkle

June 24, 2013


Mother of three, meets a man at a local Dollar Store, accepts a ride, along with her children, in his van, to Walmart. The man has promised to help buy clothing for the children. After they’ve shopped for an hour and a half, the man says he’s hungry and goes for a burger. The mother’s […]

Raise Your Hand If You Wished For A Gun

May 6, 2013


LaPierre made a speech this weekend, (5/4/13) , where he asked, though I suspect rhetorically, as in how could anyone not wish for a gun after the events of the Boston Marathon, how many Bostonians wished they’d had a gun two weeks ago? I for one, did not wish for a gun. I haven’t spoken with anyone […]

How Does One Kid Become A Terrorist & Another Work For Greenpeace?

April 18, 2013


                  As the Boston Marathon week of questions and grief winds down, the face of the youngest bomber is everywhere. His classmates have been interviewed. They are surprised, taken aback and alarmed that their quiet classmate had slowly been transformed into a foot soldier. Youthful zealotry, unchecked, […]

Seeing Red: Syrian Children

January 9, 2013


  Syrian children are painting only in red. If anyone doubts the impact of seeing carnage on a daily basis, of watching bodies torn into pieces, the report that aired on NPR’s Morning Edition, left no room to wonder: Shocking statistics, such as the U.N.’s estimate that more than 60,000 people have died in Syria since anti-regime […]

Practice Safe Living: Buy a Gun

December 26, 2012


The NRA’s long silence following the  Newtown school killings, during which great speculation about what they’d recommend swirled, culminated in a call to arm teachers, bus drivers, crossing guards and lunch ladies. In an op-ed by Maureen Dowd for the NYT, she lambastes the NRA’s complete and utter lack of responsibility:  LaPierre, who literally trembles when […]

My Name Is Jasmine. I Sneak Boys in at 3 a.m….

November 29, 2012


As reported all over the US this past weekend, the article below is from the Daily Mail online. I looked and listened for a trace of dismay (other than the fake shock accompanied with a smile on Fox News) in the voices of television reporters, or the mention of child abuse. I didn’t find either. This is […]