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3 Reasons The Government Shut Down Is a Feminist Issue

October 2, 2013


1. Hood Feminism points out who is most-likely affected by the government shutdown. Women. First, it comes to a matter of nutrition and survival. Nine million mothers and children who receive benefits under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) will be left without in the onset of the shutdown. The […]

You Are Going to Prioritize Your Life Because Arianna Huffington Says So (And Because You Need To)

June 10, 2013


This title sounds very self-helpy. Prioritizing the you in your life. You know this already. You know you need to Zen your life and drink a daily zinger of kale juice. Blah, blah, blah you want to say to me. I know. But just listen for a minute. Last week I attended the Third Metric […]

More Bullshit From The Bullshit “Feminist Housewife” Article

March 27, 2013


I guess I was so offended by the cover of New York Magazine’s “The Retro Wife,” that I didn’t read the article carefully. Especially after reading this sentiment: “[Kelly] believes that every household needs one primary caretaker, that women are, broadly speaking, better at that job than men.” Instead of what was written, I saw […]

I Buzzed My Hair After My Daughter Got Lice, And I Love It

January 28, 2013


Guest Post by Sarah Werthan Buttenwieser The haircut came suddenly late at night, fueled by the bug scampering across a piece of tissue paper after I’d dislodged it from my head with the Cadillac of nit combs. My head had been itching rather terribly all day and upon learning that my daughter’s head was scratchy […]

An Interview With Hester Kaplan, The Author Of “The Tell”

January 23, 2013


Hester Kaplan writes about marriage. Whether it’s stories about couples trying to figure out where they stand in a relationship with her award-winning The Edge of Marriage or most recently, with her new novel, The Tell, she writes about nuances that exist under the surface–the kind that make you question your own relationship after you’ve […]

You’re Going to Have To Convince Me You’re Not A Feminist, Katy Perry

December 4, 2012


We’ve covered this topic before. About women confused about whether or not they’re a feminist. And fine, fair enough. There’s some confusion. Like my friend here. But when it comes to women who speak to and uplift women,especially those who have a direct line to my 3-year-old daughter– I’m talking to you Katy Perry–it’s hard […]

Abortion Clinic to Close, Men Lead House Committees: How’s That ‘War on Men’ Going?

November 28, 2012


I can’t decide which is worse news today regarding women: 1. The lone Mississippi abortion clinic that is fighting to stay open. 2. The House has not appointed one single woman to run any of the committees for the 113th Congress. According to Politico: “House Republican Steering Committee announced an all-male slate of committee chairs…” […]

Best T-Shirt Ever: Michelle Obama’s Guns of Steel

October 22, 2012


(Image: Damon Winter/The New York Times)

Ladies, They Are Coming After You: Breaking Down The Women’s Vote

October 18, 2012


According to the New York Times today the presidential campaigns are “intently pursuing votes of women.” In past elections it’s been the soccer mom. It’s been the hockey mom. It’s been Joe the plumber. But today, just a few weeks before the election, they’re after anyone with a vagina. This is quite a broad horizon […]

Plus Size Starts WHERE?!?!?

October 12, 2012


Gotta do this, you know I do. We celebrated International Girls Day  and those faces, those faces of gorgeous children were enough to make me wonder–why we can not figure out how to cherish all children? Let’s give them equally imperfect,  but loving places to grow from. Let’s give them a shot at enjoying this big […]