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7 Feminist Conversations We Should Have To Wrap Up The Summer

September 2, 2014


1. We have a police brutality issue in our country. Black men and boys are targets. Black parents are already having, and have had, that “talk” with their kids about how to avoid getting shot by police. How do we deal with this? How does this cycle end? 2. Instead of obsessing over Jennifer Aniston’s […]

The Abortion Game

May 22, 2014

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“It’s hard to imagine why women don’t want to get into politics,” wrote journalist and political activist Jessica Luther on Twitter yesterday along with this photo. It’s hard to imagine why women would want to subject themselves to the kind of disgusting politics–but this is exactly what the “pro-life” people want you to believe. This […]

If You Build It, She Will Come (The Feminist Version)

April 3, 2014


A feminist can dream. You can buy this dreamy t-shirt and other great t-shirts at Feminist Apparel.

The Icky Truth Of Talking To Your Kids About Online Porn

February 24, 2014


Guest Post by Maggie May Ethridge I asked her, sure of the answer: “Have you seen porn online?” One of the hardest things for me to admit in life is a failure of imagination–being a writer, it’s a point of pride. But here, in the bright-eyed, pony-tailed, American Girl doll-loving face of my 11-year-old daughter […]

Why Do We Still Need To Shatter ‘The Good Mother’ Myth?

January 21, 2014


Perhaps it’s fitting that the two worst mothers on television currently–Corrine Dollanganger and her mother Olivia Foxworth of Lifetime’s rendition of Flowers In The Attic (reference #1) coincide with the launch of a new book on mothers. The book, unlike Flowers in the Attic (Flowers in the Attic reference#2), isn’t a little shop of horrors, […]

Catholic Groups Believe It’s 2014 B.C. On Birth Control Issues, And Low-Income Mothers Suffer

January 2, 2014


Though it’s 2014 (Happy New Year!), it still feels like a 2014 B.C. to some Catholic groups who continue to insist that birth control is an assault to their very being. According to Irin Carmon via MSNBC, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor granted a temporary injunction to a handful of Catholic nonprofit groups, including the […]

First Annual Christmas List Of Misandry Gifts

December 5, 2013

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The “I hate men” complaint is nothing new (and has long been embraced by men’s groups), but recently it’s been embraced by young feminists who are gettin’ all misandry-inspired. (For those of you who don’t know, misandry is the opposite of misogyny. Otherwise known as the hatred of men.) When I wrote about misandry crafts […]

“3 Out Of 5 Hispanic Girls Are Pregnant Before They’re 20 Years Old”

November 22, 2013


Dr. Lester Minto who owns and operates the Harlingen Reproductive Services clinic told this to John Hockenberry this morning on NPR’s The Takeaway. As an abortion doctor in Texas for 30 plus years, Dr. Minto was forced to close the doors of his clinic–which helps mostly poor Latino women–because of the recent abortion law  in Texas, […]

3 Reasons The Government Shut Down Is a Feminist Issue

October 2, 2013


1. Hood Feminism points out who is most-likely affected by the government shutdown. Women. First, it comes to a matter of nutrition and survival. Nine million mothers and children who receive benefits under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) will be left without in the onset of the shutdown. The […]

Women As Furniture

September 16, 2013


Let’s play a game based on this photo in The New Yorker about Bustle publisher Bryan Goldberg who apparently uses his underpaid editors as desks because he can’t afford furniture. The game is called “Women as furniture. ” My top 5: 1. Vagina media console 2. Boob shelf 3. Hips cabinet 4. Breast rest 5. […]