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Hi, and thanks for dropping in to Femamom. We have advertising opportunities available for our quickly growing site and will happily send along our our ad rate sheet including costs for text links. To contact us about this, please email Hayley at:

hayleykrischer AT gmail DOT com

Femamom is also growing popularity in social media groups. We have a steadily growing Facebook fan pageMiri and Hayley both have healthy Twitter followings and a wide group of subscribers. Miriam and Hayley blog weekly for The Huffington Post. said: “We had a thoughtful, provocative look at the not-so-pretty and the sometimes-out-there sides of parenthood. Miriam and Hayley are steady bloggers, we write for a numerous publications including The New York Times. Femamom is a growing, healthy brand.


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If we absolutely love your product, we’ll consider doing a review. See Hayley’s review of here.

It would be wonderful to have your ad on our site–so please let us know if we can answer any questions!

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To our readers:

Because we’re just writers struggling for a dime, some of the links you click on might be affiliate links. What is an affiliate link? If you click on a link for a book that we either highlight or recommend and if that link goes to Amazon and you happen to buy it (phew, still follow?), we will make money off the product. How much? Enough for coffee so we can keep writing.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks bloggers shouldn’t make money and you’re angry about this, we’re sorry. But we like to shop at Whole Foods and, hello, people, Whole Foods costs the bucks!

In all seriousness, we’re writers. And writers aren’t known for making the big $$. Hopefully we’ll be able to supplement our income with affiliate links and sponsors–and hopefully you won’t be offended by this.

Keep joining our discussion. We’re just getting started.


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