Sex Education on Sister Wives

June 16, 2014



Kody, the father on Sister Wives, a man with four wives,wants his kids to abstain from sex. He employs unique fear tactics: kissing transfers hormones that will lead to nothing other than heartache because kissing will convince you are in love and you are not, but you will think you are. Also, kissing as a teenager [...]

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Angelina Jolie and Writer Linda Woolverton Admit Maleficent Has Rape Scene

June 12, 2014



During her Global Summit on Sexual Violence Angelina Jolie said: “We were very conscious, the writer [Linda Woolverton] and I, that [the scene in Maleficent] was a metaphor for rape.”   For those of you who came to Femamom because you read my article on the wing-ripping scene in Maleficent on the Huffington Post and you related to it on one level [...]

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The Creepy Coach in Palo Alto

June 11, 2014



                                                  Palo Alto is a film based on a series of short stories by James Franco. The stories are heartbreaking teenage stories, they are typical and painful and they are lonely. [...]

Reading YA Books As An Adult

June 10, 2014



According to Ruth Graham of Slate, you should not be reading YA books. Graham argued last week that adults ought to be ashamed of reading young adult literature, who knows, maybe she’s right. Maybe we’re supposed to read everything Hemingway. Or everything Eudora Welty or Flannery O’Connor. But whether you’re writing for a YA audience or you’re writing [...]

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The Maleficent Rape Scene That We Need To Talk About

June 4, 2014



Imagine you’re drugged by someone you thought you trusted. You wake up in the morning with your face down in the dirt. You’re aching. Your appearance has changed and you can feel that you’re different as you try to stand through the pain. Beyond the physicality of it, your power was stolen from you. Your [...]

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The Abortion Game

May 22, 2014


Abortion barbie

“It’s hard to imagine why women don’t want to get into politics,” wrote journalist and political activist Jessica Luther on Twitter yesterday along with this photo. It’s hard to imagine why women would want to subject themselves to the kind of disgusting politics–but this is exactly what the “pro-life” people want you to believe. This [...]

Sexism in Big Newspapers and Little Newspapers

May 15, 2014


Jill Abramson

In 1998, I won a first place award for “Best Entertainment Writing” from the New Jersey Press Association for this article. It was the first “first place” award that the weekly paper had seen in years. Before mine, there was one lonely plaque hanging up on the wall. When you win an award, they want [...]

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#BringBackOurGirls: Where Is The Outrage? Where Are The Girls?

May 2, 2014



Why is a story about 234 girls who have been kidnapped by Islamic militants only finding it’s place in the news 2 weeks after it happened? You can thank social media for not letting go of this, because it’s certain that the US media doesn’t feel the need to cover such a thing as missing [...]

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Life Without Birth Control (And A Post-Mirena Update)

April 28, 2014


PMS horror story

I last left you all with my panic about a Mirena Crash. I was worried about a hormonal explosion. A fiery inferno of emotions. A disaster of cramps and hair falling out. Of Godzilla literally erupting from my mouth and eating my husband alive. It didn’t happen. I’m not saying it couldn’t happen. But because [...]

Nurse Jackie, Is She So Different From Anyone Else?

April 23, 2014



      WTF Nurse Jackie, I was believing in you. I had you all good for always and ever. I had you making your way clean and sober toward the finish line and last night I looked down to read a text and the next thing I knew you were having your hoo-ha munched [...]