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Beautiful: With and Without

April 9, 2012


      Madonna’s perfection cream and why mommy wears makeup…we’ve been thinking a lot about this at Femamom. I’ve confessed to loving makeup and to feeling conflicted about the message that has given my daughter, my son and yes, people I see outside when I’m wearing a thick layer of blue eyeliner to the gym [...]

On Beauty, Part II: Mommy Wears Makeup Because She Looks Like Crap Otherwise, Darling

March 12, 2012


This is a two part series on Beauty. Part one is here. Elke stands next to me as I make the weird I’m-putting-on-makeup face in the mirror. “Why do you wear makeup Mommy?” I cringe thinking of the first answer that comes to mind. “Because Mommy looks like shit otherwise, darling.” Instead I say, “Because [...]

On Beauty, Part 1: Photoshop Will Help You Feel More Beautiful Than Makeup

March 6, 2012


This is a two part series on Beauty.  I tell my children they’re beautiful all the time. And they are. To define beauty–especially your children’s beauty–is like asking what color the sky is. Is it blue. Of course. Are my children beautiful? Of course. But beauty, according to brain study, is more than just about [...]