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The Problem(s) With Straight A’s

April 21, 2014


    During the current school year, three teenagers have killed themselves in Newton, MA schools. The working theory goes something like, “too much pressure on kids, leading to overwhelming feelings and worry” — the response to the worry of the teens has been to teach their parents relaxation techniques.  Now, before I go any [...]

Walmart Abduction: Charish Periwinkle

June 24, 2013


Mother of three, meets a man at a local Dollar Store, accepts a ride, along with her children, in his van, to Walmart. The man has promised to help buy clothing for the children. After they’ve shopped for an hour and a half, the man says he’s hungry and goes for a burger. The mother’s [...]

Biggest Mistake of Her Life? Having Kids

April 15, 2013


Isabella Duton’s children are the biggest mistake of her life. But before you dismiss her as a wretch, consider what your reaction would be to a father who wrote the same article. I know that I judge her differently than I would a father. I can’t believe she and I are members of the same [...]

Where’s My Writing Chair?

March 18, 2013


When I was growing up, I sat at our dining room table and wrote big books with crayon pictures. I wrote stories about girls and cats and snow picnics. I had a thing for the snow picnic, the idea of a basket under a tree, blanket spread out on the snow captured my imagination for [...]

NPR’s Princess: Same Shitty Messaging (new fav verb, thanks GOP)

November 27, 2012


    NPR’s Weekend Edition interviewed a working princess; she pretties up birthday parties and birthday party clowns? Well, they mess ‘em up with balloon dogs and crying kids. FYI, the princess party industry has been recession proof, if you’re unemployed with access to your old prom dresses, it’s something to consider. I have little [...]

Teenager Island

November 16, 2012


On Teenager Island, rituals of bed and bath and books are no longer. All that remains of Unicorn-Lollipop-Toddler- Island, are ghosts of your children in the curls of a four-year old girl, or in the hand of a boy, hidden inside his father’s palm. When parenting on Teenager Island there are a few essential items: [...]

Mental Status Exam: Please, Spell World Backwards

October 23, 2012


I’m going to share my come to Jesus work moment, wherein, Jesus is home and work was hell. After Hayley wrote about returning to work, I recalled my geriatric social worker gig, work re-entry, mid-divorce transition, from SAHM to professional, dressed up impostor. Three years ago I was working in a hospital as a geriatric [...]

Jill Stein: Did You Forget About Her?

October 9, 2012


Gabe:  “Mom, you should vote for Jill Stein.” Me: “Hmm?” Blank, benign smile masking my lack of Stein-knowledge. My son, the one who  became a revolutionary this summer campaigned for Jill Stein this am, just at our house, but still. He told me she won’t get voted for, or taken seriously, but she’d do the [...]

The Very Grouchy Apple Picker

September 10, 2012


Last Sunday, my sister, my thirteen-year old nephew, my fifteen-year old Sadie-girl, and my forty-something-something self, went apple picking. But a man wearing an apron stopped us before we could wander into the sweet humid orchards. Apron-man’s message? We would have to take a hayride and hand over fifteen dollars cash before any picking. No [...]

Detachment Parenting

May 16, 2012


Consider this a warning to all ya attachment parents, I was the woman on the cover of Time, in her skinny jeans, pert breast popping out of her tank top, future linebacker nursing on that pert breast… okay, I was never nearly as cute, but I nursed one kid until she was two and hiding [...]