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Biggest Mistake of Her Life? Having Kids

April 15, 2013


Isabella Duton’s children are the biggest mistake of her life. But before you dismiss her as a wretch, consider what your reaction would be to a father who wrote the same article. I know that I judge her differently than I would a father. I can’t believe she and I are members of the same [...]

My Son Is Driving A Car: The Occasional Operator

December 5, 2012


The RMV on a Monday afternoon, after lunch and before the logical bewitching hour of right after people get off work, was INSANE. Busy, hot, snaked with long lines, boarded by uncomfortable benches and watched over by a digital red number machine, lighting up with each new person served. My son was number 215, his [...]

Regret: Bad For Your Health?

May 2, 2012


  Regret is bad for your health. There’s a part of your brain that lights up and your hormones are elevated and not in a good way. But, as my office mate just asked me, “How the hell do you not have regret? It’s a useless emotion but, still. We all have regret…”  Indeed.  In [...]

This One Goes Out To All Those Relationship Regrets

July 5, 2011


There is not one relationship that I’ve had prior to my current marriage where I haven’t wished I could have done something differently. And sometimes that regret even means wishing that I had dumped a crappy boyfriend sooner than I actually had. (I excelled in sticking it out with crappy boyfriends.) I’m not alone, I [...]